Is there a way to prevent kidney stones?!

Question: Does anyone know of a way or ways to prevent kidney stones?

Have your thyroids checked alot of times the thyroid is not working properly and can be the cause of the stones. My mother and quite a few patients of mine have had this problem after numerous times with the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and having the stones removed they finally checked the thyroids. Once removed never another kidney stone again. Good Luck!
A healthy diet is a good idea and I have heard that cranberry juice is good for preventing stones also.
Drink lots of water.
Drinking cranberrie juice and eating aspargus once a week. aspargus will also get rid of kiddney stones
Drink water. Stay away from tea. There is a chemical in tea that can cause stones to form. And can also cause more pain when you have them.

Cranberry juice for stones is a myth. It will not keep you from getting them, nor will it help get rid of them. In fact, the sugars in the juice can actually make them worse. It will help with Urinary infections, but not stones.

Just eat right and drink plenty of fluids(the less sugar, the better)

Good Luck!
Make sure to wash your fruits and veggies very well especially those that could have sand or dirt on them.
I had a kidney stone that was 7cm.I had to have it broken up with a lazier.My kidney specialist analyzed the particles I passed and said my body did not produce uric acid,which helps keep my stones from forming.I now have another stone,6cm of which will be dealt with soon.But my new doctor said she could put me on a medication that helps stop them from forming...So, yes there is a med that can help prevent stones from forming.However you should see a doctor to determine what is causing yours to develop.Everyone's body is different.
Real lemonade helps prevent stones. Of course, you need to drink plenty of water and stay away from colas.
My husband gets a kidney stone every summer but we finally have it under control and found a natural cure if he does get one.
Yes my husband and his dad have gotten them and the uranoligist guy whatever u call hjim i forget says to stay away fro dark soda and caffiene. Ill tell ya Kidney stones hurt like a woman in labor i dont no if u no but i no what labor is and it isnt fun dealing with that pain
Drinking enough water to make 2 to 2.5 litres of urine per day.
A diet low in protein, nitrogen and sodium intake.
Restriction of oxalate-rich foods and maintaining an adequate intake of dietary calcium is recommended. There is equivocal evidence that calcium supplements increase the risk of stone formation, though calcium citrate appears to carry the lowest, if any, risk
Taking drugs such as thiazides, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate and allopurinol depending on the cause of stone formation.
Depending on the stone formation disease, vitamin B-6 and orthophosphate supplements (such as IP-6) may be helpful, although these treatments are generally reserved for those with Primary Hyperoxaluria. Cellulose supplements have also shown potential for reducing kidney stones caused by certain conditions, although, again, not much research has been completed on this treatment.

Certain foods may increase the risk of stones: spinach, rhubarb, chocolate, peanuts, cocoa, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice, soda (acidic and contains phosphorus), all types of tea, and berries (high levels of oxalate). In the United States, the South has the highest incidence of kidney stones, a region where sweet tea consumption is very common. Other drinks are associated with decreased risk of stones, including wine, lemonade and orange juice, the latter two of which are rich in citrate, a stone inhibitor.

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