Bitten by a dog. Diseases, infections?!

Question: Bitten by a dog. Diseases, infections.?
hey, just got bitten by a dog. its reasonably deep, is there any diseases or infections im likely to get.? do i need to prevent anything.?Health Question & Answer

From the dog biting you- Rabies is the only real issue you've got to worry about.

From the opening in your skin- That's your big problem. Every single type of infection is possible. Dermatitis, blood poisoning, gangrene, etc are possible, though widely ranged in probability.

Get medical treatment. Contact the authorities. The dog's owner should be on the hook for *at least* your medical expenses, unless the dog bite was somehow your fault....Health Question & Answer

Dog bites are very common. Anyone who says you need to go to an ER right this moment cause this is an emergency has clearly never worked in an ER. While some dog bites can be life threatening (ex. the face or neck or the dog has rabies) a few small puncture wounds from a dog who's vaccinations are up to date doesn't require an ER visit. In those cases going to an urgent care or your personal doctor is more then sufficient because all your worried about is infection. Let's start with the beginning. Do you know the dog/owner.? If you have no clue and have no way of verifying it then assume the dog has rabies and that you need the vaccination. If the answer is yes then you need to find out if the dogs shots are up to date. If they are proven to be then there is no need for a rabies vaccination unless you really want one. Is the bleeding controlled.? If you can't control the bleeding by direct pressure and elevation then you should seek out an ER for the potential that something got nicked when you were bit. So if the dog doesn't have rabies and the bleeding can be controlled the thing that needs to be done next is clean it so you can try to prevent infection. This requires things like peroxide, sterile gauze, antibiotic ointment and something clean/sterile to cover it up with till the next time you clean it. This should be done 3-4 times a day for around 7-10 days after that you can do it as needed. If you notice any redness, swelling and discharge then you need to be seen by your doctor for antibiotics because cellulitis is occurring. Ultimately you have to judge whether or not you can manage the situation yourself as this is your life.Health Question & Answer

You need to have the bite cleaned at the ER or casualty unit, and have your immunizations checked. You will also probably need to have a rabies shot, the first of the series, unless the dog was immunized in the past year. Dog bites don't usually get infected if properly cleaned, but it can happen. The major worry would be rabies. Everything else is curable. Rabies is just preventable, but it needs to be done fairly soon after the bite.Health Question & Answer

you can get a rabies out of it.. you should clean the wound with running water for a while.. then seek for medical help.. rabies can kill..Health Question & Answer

its too late . in about 2 days time , u will either become the hulk or u will just wither and die .

what you should have done : eat ur own sheetHealth Question & Answer

u should go to the hospital immediately. You'll have to get shotsHealth Question & Answer

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