It's really itchy, I can't do anything without feeling the itch!! What is the source of this itchiness?!?!

Question: It's really itchy, I can't do anything without feeling the itch!! What is the source of this itchiness.?!.?
My vagina area is extremely itchy. It's been like that for a couple of days, and still on going. No matter what it'll be extremely sensitive to anything that touches it, even toilet paper.

Yes, I do wash. I washed yesterday, and today. Even after washing today, STILL ITCHY!!! I also do see white mucus or vaginal discharge (more thick) coming out from the vagina opening and surrounds the exterior part of it, too. I think it's also a first where I've actually witness my hymen all ripped up. It was just last month where I had my first pap smear test, so that is probably why.

I've had sex before, both unprotected and protected. Only unprotected for two people.

Any names of STD or STI that you think of that would cause the itchiness.?


Often, when taking oral antibiotics, the normal flora (healthy bacteria) in the vagina is disturbed or eradicated. When the growth of normal flora is inhibited, opportunistic pathogens proliferate. A common side effect with antibiotics in women is that yeast proliferates in the vagina as fungal growth is left unchecked. What you have may be a really bad yeast infection.

Antibiotics will do nothing for a yeast infection as yeast is fungal rather than bacterial. You'll need an anti-fungal to clear it up if it's a yeast infection. Is sounds a lot like one.
Check with your gyno. Yeast infections don't clear up on their own and if they get really bad (your situation sounds pretty bad) over-the-counter Vagisil or Monistat may not provide complete relief.

Good Luck! Hope you get better!

P.S. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea both present with itching and abnormal discharge. But based off of the mention of amoxicillin, I would still guess yeast infection.

P.S.S. Don't stop taking the amoxicillin. Just call the doctor who prescribed it and explain your new symptoms or visit your gyno and let him/her know your symptoms and that you're taking amoxicillin for an unrelated condition.

Your symptoms sound like you can be successfully treated.Health Question & Answer

I think there is a good chance that the itching is from a yeast infection. When you take antibiotics it can throw off the natural homeostasis in you body and cause you to loose the natural bacteria that controls the natural fungus in your body. Believe me, I have to treat a yeast infection every time I take antibiotics. Monostat is the name of the stuff used to treat it. If it doesn't clear up, see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

i don't think it's from the drugs you're taking.. It could be that you hav a yeast infection if the discharge is white and thick..BUt then again if it's pus like white most likely you could have an STD> chlymidia to be exact.Health Question & Answer

u have a yeast infection. manistat 7 is creme for it. u can get it at walgreens, cvs or any other pharmacy store... but to be on the safe side, go to ur gynotologist/doctor to make sure... but im pretty sure its yeast infectionHealth Question & Answer

Its thrush for certain. Antibiotics are known for causing this too. Live yoghurt helps & you can by stuff from chemist or from doctors.Health Question & Answer

I would think with the itching its probably a yeast infection. Get yourself some monistat or canisten or go to the doctor and they will give you oral medication.Health Question & Answer

Classic symptoms of crabs. Get a magnifying glass and have your mom or dad check you. Tell em to look for tiny red bugs.Health Question & Answer

could be a yeast infection not an std let's hope. good luckHealth Question & Answer

um,not to be rude but are you sure you don't have crabs .?Health Question & Answer

its really a YEAST INFECTION.
signs and symptoms
-severe itching
-cottage cheese like vaginal discharge
-cheese like patches that adheres to the opening of the vagina

-unprotected sex(because it maybe transmitted through sexual intercourse)
-usage of feminine wash(some vaginal wash can cause basic environment of our vagina. our vaginal environment is naturally basic, if we used vaginal products like talcum powder or feminine wash, it can alter the environment of our vagina, making us prone to infections)
-Diabetes mellitus(if you have a history of diabetes in your family, it must probably be the cause, because when there is increase sugar in the blood, it can make our vaginal environment basic)

Stop taking amoxicillin, because yeast infection is a fungal infection, your gyne will recommend you to use Canesten(vaginal suppository) for 7 days. you must stop having unprotected sex also, because i think you got it through unprotected sex. have a check up with your OB-Gyne. and for the feminine wash, you can just use warm water to cleanse it.Health Question & Answer

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