What is a spirometry?!

Question: What is a spirometry.?
Why would you use the above and what techiques do you need to be able to use this.?Health Question & Answer

Spirometry is part of a lung function test. It is used to measure flow in and out of the lungs. A tube with a mouth piece is hooked into a computer. A typical test is to do a serious of breathing maneuvers followed by a dose of albuterol or bronchodilator medication. Then the test is repeated to see if the medication helped.

The test is given to people having breathing difficulties. It is used to diagnosis, asthma, COPD, vocal cord dysfunction and much more. Cystic fibrosis patients are routinely tested to monitor their disease process.

If you combine spirometry with volumes or a full PFT, you can use it diagnostically for a variety of lung conditions such as lung tumors, sarcodosis, IPF and other restrictive lung disorders.

Spirometry can tell very early damage to the lungs by smokers before symptoms occur.

In order to use standard spirometry is the ability to follow directions and keep a seal on the tube/mouthpiece. they do have infant pulmonary function test but that is a whole another story.

Most people who perform pulmonary function testing are respiratory therapist or pulmonary function technologist. There are some nurses that do spirometry screening but it is just a screen.

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A spirometer is a device which measures the amount of air that you can blow out. There are various spirometer devices made by different companies, but they all measure the same thing. They all have a mouthpiece that you use to blow into the device. A doctor or nurse may ask you to blow into a spirometer ('spirometry') if you have chest or lung symptoms.
You breathe in fully and then seal your lips around the mouthpiece of the spirometer. You then blow out as fast and as far as you can until your lungs are completely empty. This can take several seconds. You may also be asked to breathe in fully and then breathe out slowly as far as you can.

A clip may be put onto your nose to make sure that no air escapes from your nose. The above routine may be done two or three times to check that the readings are much the same each time you blow into the machine.Health Question & Answer

Spirometry measures the dynamic flow patterns of your airways. These tests can show anything from asthma, emphysema and will give doctors indications whether further testing needs to be done.This will also show your response to bronchidilators because you usually do them before and after inhalation of albuterol.Health Question & Answer

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