Do any of you know what prescription is good for nerves when you are shaky all the time?!

Question: Do any of you know what prescription is good for nerves when you are shaky all the time.?
See a doctor. . . you could have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).Health Question & Answer

Are you sure it's your nerves that are making you shaky.? If so, then prescriptions like valium or lithium are sometimes given for nerves or anxiety attacks, but they should NEVER be taken with a doctor visit. The type of medication and the dosage are different for everyone.

also, it could be low blood sugar or low iron that is making you shaky. Try a multi-vitamin, it may help.Health Question & Answer

Ativan. It will make you sleepy though. It is not to be used all the time. It is an emergency medicine only.

A doctor might know a better option for "all the time."

Have you tried having your blood sugar and blood pressure checked AT THE MOMENT it happens.? Or very soon after. It will help. Or tell the doctor and they will help.Health Question & Answer

Dude I recommend you go to a doctor. My father is a neurologist and that does not sound good. Unless its something other than nerves. I think you should go to a neurologist. He specializes in Parkinson Disease. That is a common symptom.Health Question & Answer

yea a doctor have you been doing anything out of the ordinary lately if so turn your self in to the authorities before something bad happensHealth Question & Answer

Take Xanax, it will calm you right down! Unless you're shaking from Parkinson's Disease, then get on your knees & start praying!Health Question & Answer

Ask your doctor.Health Question & Answer

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