Skin itches/scabs up?!

Question: Skin itches/scabs up.?
A friend of mine has a problem with her body but mainly her head itching and she doesn't know what it is, she has no insurance so we're trying to figure something like a home remedy out for it, her symptoms are as follows:
- Itches VERY bad
- Scabs
- Dry
- Bleeds

She has tried washing with mayonnaise, vinegar, dandruff shampoo, and lemon juice, all failed... so if anyone knows what this MAY be or a way to help control the itching please reply.Health Question & Answer

the scabs and bleeds may be a result of her clawing at it, main issue would be the itching. Stop using all hair products, dyes, sprays etc. Try a day or two of Diphenhydramine 25-50 mg 3 times a day if she can stand the sleepiness. If that works, your diagnosis is allergy. If not, try a tar product like Polytar shampoo.Health Question & Answer

eczemaaa.?Health Question & Answer

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