What is good to eat when you have the flu?!

Question: What is good to eat when you have the flu.?
I feel so bad..and yet I'm hungry!! But I don't feel like eating anything.Health Question & Answer

When you are sick, make sure to eat light. Soups are fine with some toast maybe. Even tea is good for your stomach. Make sure to drink lots and lots of fluids (more than you can even take) so your system will be clean. If there's also a cold alongside the flu, take in a lot of vitamin c too. God bless!Health Question & Answer

veg soup or other types of soup some protein would be good for you so maybe a chicken one or minestrone these are easy to digest while containing good calorific values. Usually i don't feel hungry until im on the way out of a flu so your probably on the road to recovery. Get wellHealth Question & Answer

try some hearty soup. they come in all the best flavors not, not just chicken noodle. it's like a whole meal and not a lot of work but a lot of flavor and warmth. progressive has the best soupsHealth Question & Answer

freeze pops ( the pusup kind in a tube. the green ones)
saltine crackers

ginger ale
kool aid
pedia-sure(yeah its for little kids but it works)

keep it bland! you will feel better!

good luck!Health Question & Answer

Don't eat.... just drink. The less you eat... the faster you get over it. Energy isn't wasted in digestion... just used in fighting the flu.Health Question & Answer

Definetely chicken noodle soup or a healthy soup say campbells or some other soup and of course crackers they make your stomache feel like it doesn't have anything to loseHealth Question & Answer

Do not eat anything sweet, dairy, or eggs! Do eat thing that are smoth and spicy! A nice spicy ti soop always does the trick!Health Question & Answer

Probably something watery like some type of soup.Health Question & Answer

Soups, consomme', chicken noodle and bouillon. also, hot teas with lemon & honey. occasionally a piece of toast.Health Question & Answer

You can eat soup, grits, or something hot and soupyHealth Question & Answer

chicken noodle soup or raman noodles anything hot. And dont eat dairy products it will make it worse.Health Question & Answer

Chiken soup or some broth even jello just be sure to stay hydratedHealth Question & Answer

saltine crackers and gingeraleHealth Question & Answer

Sherbet, its my favorite.Health Question & Answer

Cut up some lemons and add honey on top.
Really good for the flu.?Health Question & Answer

SOUP + ICE CREAM!Health Question & Answer

chicken noodle soup :)Health Question & Answer

soupHealth Question & Answer

crackers or popsicles..myb dry cheerios.? hope u feel betterHealth Question & Answer

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