Alcohol and seizures?!

Question: Alcohol and seizures.?
I went 3 years seizure free. During that time I drank A LOT and pretty much every day I was partying. During my pregnancy I stopped drinking and had monthly seizures. After birth, started drinking again and had none for another year yet Ive started having them again. 2 in 3 months.?

Alcohol seems to help them.? Am I crazy.? My meds haven't been changed it just seems like the more I consume the less problems I have. Anyone else.?Health Question & Answer

When I was drinking (chronic alcoholism), I'd have seizures whenever I went without alcohol for a while. I'd have to go to the hospital and get stuffed full of librium, etc. until my system straightened out. If someone does go into an alcoholic seizure or seems about to, the best thing you can do is give them a drink until you can get them hospitalized. The system gets so used to alcohol that it eventually doesn't just crave it, it needs it. A drink or two will calm you down. But then you go to a hospital. You don't keep drinking even though you think it's helping.

If your seizures are alcohol related, you need to get help NOW! Drinking may postpone a seizure, but your health is going downhill. It will catch up with you and it can permanently damage or kill you. I know from experience that drinking will make you think you feel better. For your own sake and the sake of your baby, you need to stop. Get help. I'm not talking about someone I heard about, or quoting wikipedia. This is personal experience. I wish you all the best.Health Question & Answer

alcohol helps with many things: hangovers, headaches, body aches, etc. i drink everyday. so should everyone. everyday should be a party!Health Question & Answer

dt's sounds like you are alcoholic, get some help. seizures can kill you. also known as delirium tremensHealth Question & Answer

Epilepsy.? See your neurologist about that one.Health Question & Answer

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