What would cause you to suddenly grow little white hairs all over your body?!

Question: What would cause you to suddenly grow little white hairs all over your body.?
Just a weird question that is bugging me. I just started growing hair all over my body like peach fuzz. It's white, so no big deal, but I just want to know why it would be happening.Health Question & Answer

Your drastic diet is the reason. You are missing nutrients. also you don't want to do a drastic diet at 15 as this will effect your hormone levels. You should just eat the right kind of food, not drastically cut back on everything. I suggest your doctor sends you to a dietitian to help you.

also, when I first got on Yahoo, my screen name was "Stupid guy". Someone emailed me and told me to change my name and not view myself so negatively. He was right. You should change your name too. You are not fat and ugly. Start thinking of yourself better. Having fat and ugly as a screen name will make you depressed over time. Pick something fun.Health Question & Answer

This usually happens if your body is not getting all of its nutrients and is starting to shut down. It is often seen in people with eating disorders. The body can no longer summon the energy to warm itself, so it grows the extra hair as a sort of "fur coat" to try to keep itself warm.Health Question & Answer

usually a change in hormones causes this. you are right, no big deal.Health Question & Answer

puberty, haha your goin up!!Health Question & Answer

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