Reddish skin in penis?!

Question: Reddish skin in penis.?
ok.. im seriously tripping right now.. so ill just tell the story..
2 days ago me and my gf had sex.. but it didnt last long because we were in an "uncomfortable area".. basicly it lasted like only 2 minutes or so... and this morning, wen i took a shower, i looked at my penis(i have an Uncircumsized penis) wen i pulled my skin bak, under it, the skin was like bloody red and i was like wtf.? and wen i took it a shower it kinda faded but it was still there and now wen i looked at my penis again its gone.. bak to normal... but im afarid i may have caught an infection somehow..

oh and by the way this was our first time(we were still virgins till then)Health Question & Answer

ok, u need to go see a doctor but maybe u guys aren't a link! maybe ur penis is too big for her vagina, also if its ur first time it will hurt but after awhile you'll feel better.Health Question & Answer

thats why iam a virgin !!!

go to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

ewww make sure u wrap up that bad boy dont wanna get a infection or kidHealth Question & Answer

u gotta rashHealth Question & Answer

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