Insulin question about novolin and humilin ?!

Question: Insulin question about novolin and humilin .?
Is novolin 70/30 and Humilin 70/30 the same. If I get 30 units of one can I used 30 units of the other if I need to.? One pharmacist say it is okay. The other same it is not.Health Question & Answer

In theory, novolog and humalog are pretty much identical in effect, so the 70/30s based on them should be near-identical as well.

In practice, most people who have switched between novolog and humalog have reported that one affects them much more strongly than the other.

I wouldn't advise switching without consulting your doctor or endocrinologist.

(And I'm mildly surprised every time I hear about someone who's still using 70/30...)Health Question & Answer

That is a question for an endocrinologist.
Even a GP doesn't have the right training to answer it.

My husband used GP's for the first ten years he had diabetes, and his blood sugars were all over the place.

The endo will know. \

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Bolus or mealtime insulins include regular insulin (Novolin R, Humulin R) and the analogue forms aspart (NovoLog) and lispro (Humalog).
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