Eczema Itch - Which Self Care Options Are Effective To Cure Eczema Itch At Home?!

Question: Eczema Itch - Which Self Care Options Are Effective To Cure Eczema Itch At Home.?
Moisturisers, ointments and lotions are the popular eczema treatments today. They work without side effects in 98% of the cases.

Use E45 cream & lotion or diprobase ointment at least 3 times a day. Like bath additives, they prevent your skin from drying up and itching.

My close friend suffers from eczema and is seeing good results with a Chinese medicine made from herbals teas.

A recent study showed that skin massage helped children with eczema cope better. It also helped them lower anxiety.Health Question & Answer

Eczema gets really bad when your skin is try going to walmart and picking up a cream that is called Udderly Smooth Shea butter foot cream. It works anywhere on your body that is dry. I have Eczema on the bottom of my feet and that is the only thing that I have found to relieve the itch and to keep my feet from drying out. I hope this has helped. Good luck and God bless!Health Question & Answer

Use Aveeno itch cream (blue label). Its fairly inexpensive at Target. Buy the one that has the pump, not the squeezable tube (for some reason, not as strong as the one in the pump form) I'm a preschool teacher and I use it on all the kids that have Eczema in my classroom. I also use it on my dry and itchy hands. Its the only stuff that works for me...and I have tried a lot of other stuff.Health Question & Answer

Maybe calamine lotion or aloe vera

Might want to try Benadryl tablet to see if that will help with the itch. But remember, Bendadryl can make you sleepy. Another similar medication is Claritin, but it wont make you sleepyHealth Question & Answer

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