Does chlamydia definitely mean my woman is cheating?!

Question: Does chlamydia definitely mean my woman is cheating.?
My woman tested positive for chlamydia and I did not. I firmly believe she did not cheat on me, and want to know if there are other ways of getting it that are not sexually transmitted.Health Question & Answer

Women can have chlamydia for a long period of time without knowing it, because it is usually asymptomatic.

That said, there is NO WAY of getting it unless you have had sex with an infected person. PERIOD

So, if has tested negative earlier in your relationship, and is now positive, then she is cheating. If she has never tested before, it is possible that she contracted it prior to your relationship and did not know she has it until now.

Women are routinely tested for chlamydia when they are pregnant, because if they are positive and it is left untreated, it can cause blindness in the infant if it gets into their eyes during delivery.Health Question & Answer

She could have contracted it before the relationship and you just have yet to be infected by her yourself.Health Question & Answer

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