I have a pain in my right...?!

Question: I have a pain in my right....?
Ok first let me say that this is NOT a joke post. It is not spam, I promise. I had my old (shared account) accidentally suspended for something like this in the past (when it was a real question that I had).

I have had this on going problem when I am having s*x with my gf. My right "u know what" really hurts and it feels like sharp needles. I have been tested for a hernia and it was negative. The pain goes all the way up to my right lower part of the stomach. I have seen a Urologist, and a doctor for hormone problems, but I am not sure if I am seeing the correct specialists. All tests (even for a disorder called cushing's disease) were negative. I have large, red/purple stretch marks on my lower abdomen.

It almost feels like I have blockage or something in that area. I have had a history of getting urinary track infections easily because I am on a lot of meds for Tourette Syndrome. I can't take certain antibiotics or over the counter drugs because they interact with my meds.

Does anyone know what specialist I can see.?

Is anyone out there an RN that knows of a problem like this.?

My pain almost feels like an internal swelling and like something needs to be released.

Thanks millions guys!!!

-SeanHealth Question & Answer

Yo dude chill
I have felt the same thing before doing pretty much the same thing you were doing only thing it was in my left side. I looked this up on Doctors lounge and found out it could be 1 of two things or both: a hernia or a varicocele.
Since the doctor says it wasn't a hernia then chances are its a varicocele which is basically an enlargement or of veins draining the testicle. This dilation usually presses against nerves as well producing a kind of dull pain. Testicular veins also start in the lower abdomen which is why the lower part of your stomach pains too. The cause is usually a defective valve which can cause a backflow and possibly lead to testicular damage so be careful. Right varicoceles are more rare than left ones though since the veins run up in left testicles and down on the right. Major backflow occurs after ejaculation since there is more blood in that region during that time. Varioceles develop slowly and is aggravated by frequent s*xual activity. You are probably hopping on the "good foot" too frequently my friend. Take a day or two off and give your gf a break and give your body time to heal. ha ha
hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer

well a few guys i have dated in the past have had to push down on their pubic parts toward the organ,beause it is painful try that.he said it felt like they were sucking up inside him.Health Question & Answer

too complex to diagnose on answersHealth Question & Answer

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