Acne question. Please help?!

Question: Acne question. Please help.?
I have been using clearasil ultra daily face wash. It says clearer skin in 3 days but that's not true to me. I have been using it for like 3 weeks.? Should I just give up on it.? I put toothpaste on my pimples last night and it did nothing. Please help! I don't have tons of acne but all my friends have clear skin and i feel like they are looking at my acne all the time. Please recommend a product that will work for me. I have some red pimples and blackheads on my nose. I have been using vanicream as a moisturizer that really makes my skin soft.

Thanks.Health Question & Answer

my friend uses a device called " The Wave " its a little electronic thing that you soak with water then turn on and it vibrates which gets the soap really deep in your pores her skin is really clear i don't use it but u could try itHealth Question & Answer

My aunt introduced me to this Canadian made skincare line called Metrin
I have used this product for less then a month and I can see a drastic improvement in my complexion. It has cleared up almost all of my acne. It's a little pricey but trust me it is worth itHealth Question & Answer

If you go to your doctor and get a prescription for Benza Clin that will help.It works miracles.Forget all that other stuff .It has helped me a lot.Health Question & Answer

use Proactive!
after using it for a week, my face was AMAZING : )Health Question & Answer

cut out soda's and sugar. it works wondersHealth Question & Answer

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