How to cure emetophobia?!

Question: How to cure emetophobia.?
It is ruining my life and is only getting worse. It's not just the fear that I'll vomit, its seeing vomit, someone else getting sick. Anything to do with it. Does anyone else have this.? How do you get through it.?

I hate it so much.Health Question & Answer

I understand your problem because I have suffered with it as well. I believe in my case it is a fear of losing control and of those around me losing control.
Anyway, what has helped me, believe it or not, was having kids.Kids are always puking and you get used to it. I can honestly say that I have continued to eat breakfast while my son was being sick in the next room! That is improvement for someone who ran with their fingers in their ears all their lives!
I am a small person, and still don't like being around large adults vomiting. I steer clear of that... I know I can't be of any help in that situation. I know the medical professions are not for me. I suggest not hanging around heavy drinkers, as well, Do you think some OCD meds might help.? If it is ruining your life, maybe something that will take the anxiety down a knotch or two would be worth it.
But I'm there with you on nausea. I bet most folks are, So don't worry... there are medications your doctor can prescribe for nausea. I keep them on hand all the time. That helps me alot. All the best to you. I understand.Health Question & Answer

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