For MATURE People...Do I have a Cyst?!

Question: For MATURE People...Do I have a Cyst.?

It started this morning, when I realized that my butt hurt whenever I sat down. I simply thought it was a bruise, and didn't worry much about it. I looked at my butt in the mirror and everything seemed normal.

Around 15 minutes ago, I decided to examine a little more. Around the area of my butt crack, there's a straight red line that dents in a little where a bump forms.

Do I have a cyst.? If you think I do, do doctors treat it with surgery.?Health Question & Answer

You could have just a pimple from sweat, you could have a cyst. It could also be an ingrown. My mother had a Pilonidal Cyst, which is a very bad inflamed ingrown. She had it removed.

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What your describing is blood clot, but that would be painful, one thing to know, your not gonna die, a simple checkup with a family doctor or physician could determine what it is, if it needs medical treatment he will refer you to a specialist, and yes they would treat it with a minor surgical procedure.Health Question & Answer

It could just be a big pimple I'm not going to lie I've had a couple on my butt before but if it is a cyst it is not treated with surgery they would just give you some antibiotics to calm it down. I wouldn't be that worried about it.Health Question & Answer

Give it some time and it should go away. If it doesn't see your Dr.Health Question & Answer

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