Can Anyone Tell Me the Meaning of Swollen Lymph Nodes In the Throat...?!

Question: Can Anyone Tell Me the Meaning of Swollen Lymph Nodes In the Throat....?
I am not sick with a cold or anything, and I basically feel fine. But on both sides of my throat, my lymph nodes are swollen. Occasionally, I'll get a few shooting pains that aren't too bad, but also concerning. Another thing is, when inhale to take a breath, it feels as if my windpipe/bottom of my throat is sore or irritated. This has been going on for awhile, and I will be going to the doctor next week. Has anyone got any list of what this could be; what I could explain to my doctor.? Please help me find and list as much information on this as you can. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.Health Question & Answer

Hey, Ive read through some of your questions and you will see ifyou read my questions we're going through the same things. I have swollen nodes but there in the back of my neck. My doctor says its becasue im skinny but i have really bad anxiety so im fixed on the idea of my having lymphoma.
Another thing i seen we have in common is rib pain. My ribs ache for no reason really bad, actuallya ll my bones do, especially my arms and shins. Im 19 and had a baby 6 months ago. Iv lost all my pregnancy weight and now im back to 47kgs and feel like crap.
I reallyt hink my problem is i dont have enough meat on me and i can feel everything and my bones hurt becasue tehre isnt enough muscle supporting them.

I have no cold or anything but iv had an itchy throat but i still have the sowllen nodes. I can even feel a ball in my armpit and the galnds in my groin. Ive had scans and xrays and everything is fine with me, i also had lots of blood work done.
I just finished 1 weeks course of antibiotics for a bacetria in mys toamch./ That was casuing the burning but doesnt explein the rib pain but xrays say my ribs are fine. A blood test also showed iv had gladular fever sometime in my life and doctors guess it would have been about 5 months ago when i was at my worst.
Anyway, just thought id reply to let you know your not alone.
Im on this site everyday and post my question like 5 days cos im so paranoid lol.. For me, i think i need to put on weight and control my anxiety before it gets out of hand and causes severe depression.Health Question & Answer

You answered your own question. The symptoms can describe many things. You've got a bug, and a throat culture will tell if it's treatable. Swollen lymph nodes are a general warning signal that all is not well. Your immune system is fighting something, probably. Viral or bacterial, whatever. Get it checked out. This is the time of year for that.Health Question & Answer

You have an infection in your body, thats why you lymph note is acting up. My suggestion to you is to go to you doctor or the nearest emergency room so the can start you on some antibiotic. are you running a fever with this.? If so you need to get a move on. This could be very serious....Health Question & Answer

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