Germ Question? Why can't Lysol kill that last one? ?!

Question: Germ Question.? Why can't Lysol kill that last one.? .?
You know how you see the commercials. There are 2 trash cans side by side both CRAWLING with germs! On the ONE side you have the "Kill's odors" disinfectant. On the OTHER side you have the "Kill's odor AND germs!" disinfectant. Then they show you how many germs are left over from the inferior brand. It's CRAWLING still with germs!! The other one show's that MOST of the germs are gone! But here's my question. Why can't they kill that LAST ONE.?.? The one that still crawling around, letting you know you "HA ha..... " killed ALL of them but ME!!! What's UP with that.? ................................. Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmmmm....Health Question & Answer

That last one is a real survivor...the death of everyone he knows and loves only drives his will to live furtherHealth Question & Answer

That is so funny because I have wondered the same thing. You know like on the one where the husband makes a mess in the kitchen and the wife comes in and they show all the germs crawling on everything so he starts cleaning with those wipes and at the end it shows the kitchen clean, but that one little glowing germ is still left behind. HA I guess it is because they advertise that it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria so they gotta leave that one bugger crawling for you to see. I guess to keep away from false advertisement. I thought I was the only one who wondered about that. Very Funny.Health Question & Answer

The reason them cleaners don't kill 100% germs is because there always multiplying outside and when you open a window or door or anything that allows outside air can bring in germs and some germs from outside are just to strong to be eleminated completly. it doesn't hurt us humans but anything else is open to be attacked by germsHealth Question & Answer

if lysol killed all the germs then the germs couldn't reproduce and lysol would soon go out of business. so they leave one and when that germ have to buy more lysol. get it.?Health Question & Answer

Ya I always wondered about the part where they say that there is millions of germs and the lysol kills 99.9% of them. That would still leave thousands alive.Health Question & Answer

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