How to heal a broken heart? :(?!

Question: How to heal a broken heart.? :(.?
It's been about a week since my bf broke up with me. We've been going out for over a year and this is the longest relationship i've been in so far. I've also lost my virginity to him and to make matters worse, my midterms are next week. I don't know what to do. I'm completely heartbroken. I've tried thinking of all the bad things that didn't work out in the relationship, i've tried to keep myself occupied but now all i can do is study - which clearly isnt going too well. I tried of cut off all connections with him, but i recently added him back to everything because i thought it made things worse for me. I put everything that reminds me of him into a box. I'm trying my best to move on but i don't know what else i can do. :(. also, just yesterday, he was telling me about this new girl he met and he seems so happy now. It kills me that it seems like he doesnt care. We are still friends and i told him how i felt, but he's not interested in taking me back. suggestions.?Health Question & Answer

My best friend is going through the exact thing. They never done much stuff intimately (she is very conservative), but she and her boy friend have been close friends on and off 6-7 years. He says he can't wait for her anymore and often does things to intentionally hurt her (though we all know he is a good guy, really), like post stupid stuff on Myspace or flirt with other girls.

It has been hard for her but I dont think she could have done it without her friends and the thought that she COULD succeed in her life without him.

She has removed everything of his away from his room, deleted her Myspace and focused entirely on her studies.

I wish you the best but I have to tell you that even though he is doing all of these things, it doesn't mean he doesn't care. He is perhaps just making you jealous.

That is what I told my friend. I know for a fact that he still loves her, he is just likely testing her, but he has done it often in the past and my friend is tired of it and began focusing on her friends and education completely.

I also told her what kind of person is he to do that to her, several times over.? I don't know your ex personally, but I hope you do well on your midterms and know that there is a life to live out there. Don't obsess over it - that's the worst thing to do. Never put all the blame on yourself and focus on the negative things.

I really hope you DO move on... it shouldn't be a matter of "taking/not taking you back". Don't ruin your future because of him.

I don't believe in there being just "one guy" out there. It's a matter of meeting someone nice and genuine enough and putting a lot of work for a stable relationship.Health Question & Answer

i can totally sympathise with you. my ex broke up with me a few months ago and i found it hard, he literally ruined my life, i was left with nothing. but you do seem to be in a better place than me.
it's only been a week, the first month after a break up is hard, the hardest. give it some time, hang out with your friends and keep trying to distract yourself. i know it seems impossible that you'll get over this guy, but you will.Health Question & Answer

theres no easy way off getting over it hun, it just takes time, u will get though it in the end, try not talking to the guy, as much as u want to im sure not speaking to him will help as u will have no reminders of him... just be strong and ur get though it...
also a good girls night in may help take ur mind of things, and mates alway no how to take ur mind off things xxxHealth Question & Answer

Tell him your pregnant.
No. every one knows that you and Liberty would just go and off the little fellea.
You are screwed. I vote you keep your legs crossed and buy a few cats to keep you company.
Try holding off on the whole sex thing until you are mature enough to deal with the outcome!Health Question & Answer

Just go out have fun and do whatever you can to get him off your mind...and eat some chocolate it will make you feel betterHealth Question & Answer

theres plenty more fish in the sea, cheer up
he sounds like abit ov a wanker aswell saying hes met a new girl
don't get upset over him its not worth it
:)Health Question & Answer

Don't sit around hoping, get yourself out there and find another guy.Health Question & Answer

My negation is try again try to talk with him againHealth Question & Answer

That's life, kid. Happened to me after 14 years.Health Question & Answer

Apply band aid,,,
You will get over it give it time,but from a once broken hard to another, there are plenty of fishes in the sea,,, So just be patient and leave the rest to the almighty God!!!,,,Health Question & Answer

Pray. The only thing in life that is certain is the Lord, place your trust and hope in him and you will be blessed a hundred fold.

also work on concentrating on your studies, do your best to put it all behind you until midterms are over.

Like the others said, it takes time. Broken relationships are hard to get over, but alas they are a part of life and everybody goes through them. The good news.? Life still goes on. Your heart might be broken but its still beating. To me that says its not the end, because everything will be ok in the end. If its not ok, its not the end.

So just do your best to smile, and move on. Cheers.Health Question & Answer

to answer your question.


It sounds like you're very young. You have a lot of time left in your life. You will find someone new soon and you will completely forget about your ex boyfriend. Break ups happen. They are part of life and they help you learn about yourself, and what kind of person you want to be with. Nothing anyone here can say will take the pain you're feeling right now away, but I can promise you that it will eventually.

In the mean time try to keep yourself busy. don't let yourself sit at home and do nothing but think about the "what ifs".Health Question & Answer

I'm with Brian C, time time and more time is needed to heal your wounds. It's only been a week for goodness sake! So don't be hard on yourself, be patient, it will take a while to work through your emotions, you invested a lot into the relationship and sadly, it didn't work out. It's not your fault, you did your best.

I would not be friends with him after this. He has no right to expect you to be a willing listener to his new interests in girls -What a Jerk!!

You're best revenge is to pour yourself into your studies and ace your midterms. Go for it!Health Question & Answer

i have been heart broken so many times so i know how u is very hard to get over someome ecpecially when u are still talking to him....wat i do is i stop talking to the boy and i talk to other guys and go out and party and have fun....the worst thing to do is to think of everything about him and stuff....just totally take him out of your life...only for a little bit....just so you can get your head around everything again...then when you feel ready to talk to him again talk to him....all i do is try to have fun with all my mates....and forget about him.....:)Health Question & Answer

First off " Im sorry ". I know what your going though isn't at all easy and to be honest it's not going to get any better any time soon. It's just going to take time. You should try to distance your self from him so you can start the healing process. Having him next to you talking about how happy he is with his " NEW " girl friend isn't what you need and if he was any kind of real man he'd know this. I don't know what drove you two apart but maybe if you distance your self and stay away from him he might remember what it was about you that drove him to you in the first place. If so play hard to get don't cave in to easy. But if not stay true to your studies an education is more important right now and Mr. Right will still be waiting for you down the Road !

It will get better I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

Sweet Herat Im In The Same Situation.
I Been With This Girl For 2Years And It Ended 2Night.
I Knew Sumthin Was Up Cuz She Kept Sayin "I Dont Kno Wat I Would Do If U Left Me" And "I Love More Than Anything" Then She Told Me She Was Pregnant But The Worst Part Is That After 2 Years Of Datein We NEVA Had Sex.
So Yea If U Find Any Good Suggestions Let Me KnowHealth Question & Answer

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