Can you crack a rib from coughing too hard?!

Question: I had a horrible respiratory thing, and coughed so that its over I have a very bad pain in my ribs that isn't getting's not pleurisy, but outside the lungs...anyonw?

Registered Nurse here; Yes people have fractured there ribs from severe coughing spells, not a common occurrence but does happen. Here's one way to tell. Take a deep breath if pain increases on inspiration, filling the lungs with air, then it's even a greater possibility that you have fractured a rib or pulled or torn a muscle. If the pain remains the same upon taking a real deep breath, and doesn't increase, than odds are in your favor that you did not fracture a rib. Fracture ribs are usually very painful, and taking a deep breath with a freshly fractured rib will usually send the individual to the emergency room quick, for the pain is intense. Thanks for the opportunity to address your question.
I doubt it.
It is possible and it has happened.

You should call your doctor and have him check it out.
Yes I know two people that have done just that
You need to get some X-rays because you can definitely crack a rib from coughing.Don't put it off because you can get pnuemonia from this.
A resounding YES
yes you can so if you are coughing that hard please monitor yourself very closely
I cracked my rib one time coughing, I was bending forward and I felt it pop, so I know for a fact that you can.
Yes, my aunt betty did this a few years ago. All they did was xray her and tape her up.

VERRRRY painful.
You can also sprain your diaphragm--that's the rubbery piece of tissue that pushes your lungs up and down--ESP when you cough--DOUBLE ouchie!
yeah, you can, but your ribs would have to be kind of fragile for that to happen. If it's super-painful (like, almost unbearable), yes you probably fractured a rib. if you want to, you can go see the doctor, but if it's a fractured rib, there's nothing except time that can heal that. Good luck! Hope it gets better soon!
Yes my aunt did, and she was in horrible pain for a long time, and it's not like they can put as cast on your ribs so it has to heal itself! God Bless and hope you feel better soon!
yeah i cracked 5 wait a minute maybe 8 or 9 but it dont hurt when u get surgery.............
You can bruise your ribs coughing, that's for sure! I have an aunt who had the flu years ago and never got over that cough...she has kept bruised ribs every winter since. Try to do the panting thing, like they show when a woman is in labor. When the urge to cough comes, just pant softly until the urge goes away. And try to keep something tight around your ribs, such as a back support brace (those black, velcro things?) until your ribs heal. Good luck, and I hope you feel up to par soon! :)
Yes, it is possible
hmm . . . might be that the strain of coughing made you pull the muscles in your chest, making them hurt really bad, like a broken rib . . . if the pain is localized to one particular side and area, however, definitely contact your doctor - otherwise, if it's on both sides and spans a good portion of your chest, most likely it's pulled muscles
Yes especially if your anorexic
No. That is unless you cough so hard that you are propelled back wards snapping your ribs. Also only if they are already damaged.
You are more likely to tear the cartilage around the ribs (costal cartilage), which yes is very common from coughing.
Yes you can. You may have some bruising. It may be pleurisy; the lungs and ribs may be making contact.
Yes you can .It may help to wrap your chest firmly but not to tightly to keep your lungs from expanding to much while they hurt .Also the next time you start to cough wrap them firmly to keep from cracking them ..ask a doctor about this .Good luck .
Little old ladies with osteoporosis do so not infrequently, but for most folks, no, it isn't at all likely. More likely just muscular strain.

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