I get sore throats constantly?!

Question: I get sore throats constantly.?
I get them about once or twice everyday, take sore throat spray and they go away. Should I be worried.?Health Question & Answer

Yes. It's a tonsillitis, but you should also know that there are types of tonsillitis. It could be acute, sub acute, and chronic. Try to check if there is a pus, signs of red, swollen tonsils which may have a purulent exudative coating of white patches. Please try gargling with a solution of warm water and salt may reduce pain and swelling. If it is still getting worse go to the doctor and ask for medication. Don't wait until for a chronic tonsillitis. Health Question & Answer

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Yes, You should have that checked out by Your Family Doctor.Health Question & Answer

Yes, you might have tonsillitis.Health Question & Answer

yes go to the drHealth Question & Answer

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