Do you suffer from excessive sweating?!

Question: Do you suffer from excessive sweating.?
If you do, I have the solution! CERTAIN DRI! You can get it at most drugstores and grocery stores. It's the first thing that's really worked for me. I've tried many antipersperaints, but none of them work. Certain Dri is MORE than an antipersperaint, it's a miracle. I LOVE it. I've been using it 2 days and my sweating problem is almost all gone! I'm so happy! PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU'VE READ THIS! THANKS! :)Health Question & Answer

dude..... advertising on yahoo answers.? thats just stoopid.Health Question & Answer

Yes Certain Dri does work to actually stop sweating by closing up your pores. The problem with it is the ingredient Aluminum, it's related to Alzheimer's disease. It's not worth it I hate to say.Health Question & Answer

i will try it since i have that kind of problem.Health Question & Answer

niceHealth Question & Answer

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