Accutane help please?!

Question: Accutane help please.?
i started drying on my face a lot now and its the first month done...does this mean ill be cured faster.?Health Question & Answer

Start using a moisturizing cleanser (like Dove soap for sensitive skin) and also a fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin that has SPF 15 (at least) in it. That will help the dryness a lot. The dryness will continue (and progress some) as you continue on the medication. You should really be starting to see an improvement at this point and moving forward. You won't be cured faster -- you'll still need to be on the medication usually at least for four to six months. Good luck! The time passes much more quickly than you imagine. Get ready for nice-looking skin!Health Question & Answer

No its not curing it faster its a mild symptom that occurs when using the product

Use any moisturizer to help

You should red up on your symptoms because accutane is a serious heavy duty medication
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