If someone has a disease like AIDS, can they marry and have sex with another person with AIDS?!

Question: If someone has a disease like AIDS, can they marry and have sex with another person with AIDS.?
I am just saying. My 2nd cousin and I have been really close throughout our childhood. However, about a year ago, he learned he had contracted the AIDS virus from one of his ex-girlfriends. these days he is all on medicine and utterly depressed. So I was wondering, since he can't really do anything sexually with a regular women, could he find another women with AIDS and like get married to her if he likes her that much. Is there anymore risks since they would both already have the disease.?Health Question & Answer

First you can not contract the AIDS virus. You contract HIV that has complication that can develop into the AIDS virus.

And yes two HIV positive people can carry on a sexual relationship. As can he with a negative person with strict safe sex practices. He need to talk with his doctor and find a support group.

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They can marry but re-infect each other if having unprotected sex. Let me explain although they are both HIV+ they probably have different strains of the virus. When you re-infect someone that creates a more resistant strain virus in both people which can cause resistance to other types of HIV meds and become harder for the doctors to treat.

BTW Suzie is spot on with her statement about having sex with a HIV- person.Health Question & Answer

First he is HIV+ not AIDs. Yes he could marry and it could be someone with HIV or not, he just would need to use condoms. 2 HIV+ people can reinfect each other so 2 HIV+ people having unprotected sex is not safe.Health Question & Answer

Sure, happens a lot. Why couldn't they have sex. And if both were confirmed, they would not be spreading the disease. Health Question & Answer

my cat had cat Aids and died and the other cat never came back home after the cat with aids died. Health Question & Answer

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