How long is "long-term" and "Chronic" when it comes to alcohol related diseases/ailments?!

Question: How long is "long-term" and "Chronic" when it comes to alcohol related diseases/ailments.?
What is the average time for the terms "long-term" and "chronic" to set in or even become relevant.?

I hear this all the time and it's bugging me because I'm usually in alot of pain as of late. I realize that I'm only 22, but I've gained weight, a lot. I'm currently trying to get back in shape, and I no longer even remotely want to drink (I'm burned out on it. It makes me vomit actually, even the smell), but I'm always afraid I did a ton of damage to my body and paying for it now. I drank...alot and it was hard stuff all the time for nearly 2 years straight. also, I've mentioned in other questions, I've had extensive testing done, including ECG's, chest X-rays, CAT scans for my brain, and blood tests but all negative. If there was any damage, would it be repairable.? It's scary to even think about, but my doctor believes I have costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage between my sternum and rib(s) ), and it always feels like a heart attack. Mix that with anxiety attacks and it's terrifying! Any info on this would be wonderful. Thanks!Health Question & Answer

Fortunately, you have stopped trying to destroy your body. It has a great ability to repair itself so at 22, you probably don't have a lot to worry about health-wise. All the testing you have had done would have given an indication there was damage or some abnormality so you need to start anew. Hopefully, you are treating the costochondritis with an anti-inflammatory regularly until it is healed (and it will but you need to find out what sort of repetitive movement or lifting you are doing that continues to irritate this area and then stop doing it). There are medications to decrease your anxiety - you might want to consider talking with your doctor about this. If you get back to exercising daily, this too will help control your weight and also decrease your anxiety because warm muscle secrete the "feel good" endorphins in your body which helps with your moods. Walking is the easiest of all - start slowly and gradually build up your pace and distance until you are walking 30 minutes per day at a brisk pace. This alone will get the weight back off and make you feel much better. Monitor your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels, do not smoke and you can expect a long lifetime. Health Question & Answer

You said you had extensive testing...but you
do not mention testing of other parts of your
body. Alcohol consumption is the number one
cause of liver cell problems. I would ask
the doctor to check your blood for the
liver enzymes, liver function tests and for
viral testing.. Weight gain can develop fast
if there is an accumulation of fluid in the
abdominal area, if liver disease develops.
If there is inflammation of the liver cells,
stopping the consumption of the alcohol,
like you did and being treated so the
inflammation goes away will help the liver
cells heal. However, if there is inflammation
of the liver and it is not treated, it could lead
to a very serious disease known as
cirrhosis of the liver. If the blood tests show
a problem with the liver, the doctor usually
orders an ultrasound done on that area of
the body which is the upper right quadrant of
the abdomen. The liver is a very quiet organ
when it come to something being wrong with it.
Some people are walking around with a
problem in their liver and they don't even know
it. It is worth it to have this looked into.
If the liver is enlarged from inflammation, it
can cause pain if there is pressure on the
nerve anywhere in that area....even over
toward the heart.
This is just a suggestion. Hope this helps.

Chronic means long means it
is ongoing, continual. Acute means of
short duration and possible reaccurance. Health Question & Answer

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