Allergic reaction?? from a 2week cause of uti antibiotic that wasnt needed.?!

Question: Allergic reaction.?.? from a 2week cause of uti antibiotic that wasnt needed..?
I was recently urinating blood. I had ct scans and my urinary tract is fine so it was put down to me taking so much medications at the time because there was no bacteria present. Just incase, the doctors had me on ALPRIN for 2weeks which is a UTI antibiotic.
Ever since ive had achey muscles, and also red streaks up my arms which itch and burn, it is not raised and not swollen.
I seen a doctor about it yesterday and she doesnt know what it is, also all my blood tets are coming back fine although im a little dehyrdated but thats because i dont drink hardly anything all day.
I only just realised today that the alprin can cause skin rashes and muscle aches. Imm going to see my doctor now but wanted to know if an antihistamine shot would clear this up.?.? Its really painful.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to the medication. You will need a shot of a corticosteroid as well as a Medrol pack. A Medrol pack is an oral steroid. Antihistamines may help with the itch and burning sensation, but the steroid is necessary because the reaction has gone systemic. The steroid will allow your system's natural defenses to fight the reaction while controlling symptoms. You may need to be on multiple packs. Depends on how long it takes to get the med out of your system.
Why would your doc put you on a med when there was no infection present.? That is disturbing to me.
STOP taking the ALPRIN now!!!!!

Urinating blood IS a symptom of a bladder infection or kidney problems. You should be on Suprax.Health Question & Answer

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