Have you survived an HIV scare? How were you exposed? How did you cope with the anxiety of waiting 3 months...?!

Question: Have you survived an HIV scare.? How were you exposed.? How did you cope with the anxiety of waiting 3 months....?

...for test results.?

Did you take nPEP.?Health Question & Answer

Yes , I have had a couple of sexual partners over the years. To sum my experiences up I drove truck and operated a major ride at a very large carnival for 8 months a year for 4 years and would have multiple sexual partners in every town we would set up in. Mostly unprotected sex, very stupid on my part.It's been 3 years since I found out my status. For some strange reason it would somehow make me feel better if the lady that infected me did so unknowingly instead of doing so maliciously.I have a small family and have never been really close but telling them and a few select friends was the hardest and most heartbreaking thing that I've ever had to do. The stigma that goes along with hiv can be devastating, so I do'nt think that anybody could ever honestly get completely comfortable living with hiv, so anxiety is a big issue and having a good support system is essential. I am 45 and have lost friends of 30 years for revealing my hiv status to them and I pretty much am strong willed and hold it all inside except for a couple online support groups. It has been eating a hole inside me dealing with it pretty much alone, but the support that I do have is 2nd to none.

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I haven't personally been exposed, but one of the residents I did my training with was. She was splashed during a delivery. She did the preventive meds & stressed A LOT. I wish there was something I could think to recommend to take your mind off of this but you are going to worry until you are retested. Just take comfort knowing that the odds of contracting HIV from a single exposure are negligible. (I can't recall the exact numbers, but it is rare). Health Question & Answer

i dont know if i was exposed to anyone with it but i know i was silly once or twice, then realised years after god that was scary even though i had asked them which they said no i still didnt believe them, my hubby and i were together 4 years and we both recently got tested thank god it was negative, but the wat i really stressed out to the point where i think in my head i started getting symptoms. it is very hard not to think about it and how it will effect your life i know, but hopefully you are ok if your waiting for results, god bless you and you will be fine..Health Question & Answer

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