Scar reducing/removal creams, bandages, etc?!

Question: Scar reducing/removal creams, bandages, etc.?
I have scars from where I had eczema and I was wondering if anyone has successfully removed or drastically lightened and scars on their body. I'm pretty much willing to try/ do anything to get rid of them so anything please let me know! Even if it's surgical, anything!!Health Question & Answer

hi there
I know how distressing scars can be, I have fought my acne skin problems for a long time but started seeing big improvements only a few days after using a concentrated and pure aloe vera supplement and now after a few month my skin has improved drastically, completely stopped the acne and even diminishing the scars the acne had left.

You should have a look at this aloe vera supplement before going as far as a surgical intervention especially since it was developed in the first place by a a chartered physiotherapist, registered acupuncturist and naturopath who wanted to cure his daughter

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