Would someone with nickel allergy be ok with a watch where the face is gold plated? Hopefully the buckle too!?!

Question: Would someone with nickel allergy be ok with a watch where the face is gold plated.? Hopefully the buckle too!.?
I also have a nickel allergy and after a little reading, it looks like you would want to find a watch with 18c gold (or higher) in order to have a gold with the least (or no) nickle content.

You might have luck finding nickel-free watches by searching for "hypoallergenic watches"

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Hi, sorry to say it but the gold plating will eventually wear away revealing the possible nickel underneath...its nothing to protect you really.
Especially on a watch...only 'time' will tell...haha, sorry, couldn't resist!
Good luck in finding the answer your looking for.Health Question & Answer

Probably not. It is plated with gold, but who knows what's underneath! Probably something cheap, like nickle. I am allergic to Nickle and I cant wear any "fake" jewellery. Either buy REAL gold - not plated- sterling silver or platinum. Cheap plated watches suck anyway. Health Question & Answer

Those bother me. You need something that is 14 or 18K (depending on how severe the allergy is) And if your allergy isn't too bad, you may be able to wear it. It all depends, but generally, I avoid anything plated.Health Question & Answer

Depends on the purity and type of gold. White gold is an absolute no-no. Depending on how bad the allergy is, I wouldn't risk anything less than 24 karat gold.Health Question & Answer

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