Have you ever caught a cold more than once a year?!

Question: Have you ever caught a cold more than once a year.?
have you ever caught a cold , than a month later caught a sore throat.? what the heck.. well I have a sore throat right now.. Health Question & Answer

yes. when you have a "cold" its a specific "bug". once oyu have had it, and you recover, your body is now immune to that specific strain and you will never get it again. the fact that you are sick again means either you did not recover fully and now its gotten stronger or more likely is that you have a different cold.

And if I am not mistaken the flu shots they give only protect you against the 5 most common ones for that year. Anything else and you are screwed considering there are thousands of them out there, odds are the flu vax is not going to benefit you that much.Health Question & Answer

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