Will drinking soda through a straw help prevent cavities or tooth decay?!

Question: Not at all. As long as the liquid is in your mouth then the soda will effect your teeth

Answers: Not at all. As long as the liquid is in your mouth then the soda will effect your teeth

Not totally but it will help some.

no. It still can cause cavities or tooth decay, but the risk is a little lower if you use the straws. It's better not to drink the soda at all, though, for tooth decay and health reasons though!

No matter how you drink soda you can still get cavities. It will still make contact with your teeth.

no thats crazy, the sodas still in your mouth

Nothing will happen, your stomach will be cleared that is all, yours,

I have heard that it does work. As long as you are not swishing it around afterwards. May make you burp more, but if you are concerned about your pearly whites, it's worth a shot.


dentists recommend that you drink soda pop through a straw. The less contact with your teeth, the better.

Possibly, but it does nothing to prevent bone loss, diabetes, and obesity. It has been proven it will can loss in bone density from drinking sodas. Doctors are seeing more young women with osteoporosis.

I would think there would be some benefit to it, I used to drink carbonated drinks through straws only when I was younger and wore braces, for that very reason, and I never had any trouble with my braces breaking down.

just make an IV out of it and forget about it

Yes,somewhat,but drinking through a straw also gives you gas.

not much
stick the straw way down deep be4 you start sucking

brush + floss + mouthwash = Healthy Smile

No. It'll just make your tongue stronger.

Yes. The less contact between your teeth and sugar the better. Dentists recommend it.

"according to a report in the May/June 2005 issue of General Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry's (AGD) clinical, peer-reviewed journal, drinking soft drinks and other beverages through a properly positioned straw can help to minimize the risk of cavities." [[see SOURCE]]

using a straw is recommended especially for people who have braces, in order to keep the soda from decaying the front of the teeth, causing white spots once the braces are removed.

It helps with the plaque buildup on the teeth from what my dentist has told me. Along the gum lines. It takes the mouth something like half an hour to return to the proper ph levels after drinking soda, through a straw it doesn't have as much time to change the ph level of the mouth.

You can try fluoride mouthwash they have told me to also help with this plaque from soda. Not like the gum type mouthwashes but ones with actual fluoride.

Yes, drinking soda out of a straw lowers dental damage by about 32% ts still important to brush after somthing so full of sugar.

nope its not how you drink it thats important. its the sugar in the pop. brushing afterwards or at least 2x/day will. the same amount of sugar contacts your teeth wether you use a straw or not.

No, lol. It doesn't matter how you drink it, it just matters that it goes through your mouth all the same.

But you can prevent tooth decay by brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing, and using mouthwash.

And one more tip: If you only intend to bush your teeth once a day make sure it's at night, since when you brush at night you're getting all the crap off your teeth that you ate during the day. When you brush in the morning, it's had time to live on your teeth for longer than it should.

no but if you drink it through a feeding tube going directly into your stomache it helps cavities and tooth decay. Unfortunately to have a feeding tube you'd be wishing for a toothache instead.

No, but according to some cosmetic surgeons drinking from drink (sipper bottles) or through a straw too often can make the age lines around your lips worse ....skip the sugar and help your skin & health

It might help some but you should try to cut down on sugary drinks and stick to water and milk they are better for you anyway *pause..take long drink of soda sitting beside me* ok if you must have your soda pop try to brush your teeth afterwards and don't sip on it all day long.


thats a stupid thought.
no matter how you put it in your body, it will still do the same thing to it
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don't drink soda. i haven't for 6 months. and i hate it

No. you still have to taste it.

Umm... I am thinking NO. I think no matter which way you drink soda I think you'll still get cavities. I have a cavity and it's from drinking to much soda and when I go to my dentist, he says to stop drinking soda for like two months. I try to but I am addicted to soda!! =)

Look, if it gets in contact with your teeth, sugar causes some decay if you don't brush often. But not just soda, food can do it too, so you would have to suck your food in thru a straw.
Why don't you suck your own head in thru the straw, you dolt!

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