Does Sensodyne toothpaste really work?!

Question: Does Sensodyne toothpaste really work.?
Before i spend $6 on a tube of toothpaste, I want to find some people who have sensitive teeth, and have tried Sensodyne.. Does it really help with teeth that are sensitive to cold, hot, and or sour food and drinks.?Health Question & Answer

Sensodyne does work................but it works when used continually.. The best thing to do is brush your teeth normally with it, then rub a little extra on the extra sensitive areas right before you go to bed.. It takes a couple weeks of this to start recalcifying the sensitive areas.. (It took awhile for your teeth to become sensitive, it will take a bit to calm them down..

It does depend on why your teeth are sensitive.. If your dentist has ruled out decay, then Sensodyne may work well for you.. After one tube, you should know, if you have been using it consistantly..Health Question & Answer

My dad has used that type of toothpaste for years.. He's not one to complain but I can tell that he still has some dental sensitivity when he eats very warm foods or has cold drinks.. I believe I heard my dentist mention to someone that sensodyne has chemicals in it that while helping you brush more thoroughly also doesn't prevent the continued erosion of your tooth enamel.. My step-mom experienced some sensitivity in her gums so she stopped using it altogether.. I wouldn't waste my money on it.. Instead try one of the many products out there that help to rebuild enamel......I think Aquafresh has one.. With that enamel back in place you shouldn't experience as much sensitivity.. Last note, most teeth-whitening products work why wearing away a little enamel to expose more of your natural tooth color.. Yet another in a long line of double-edged swords presented to use by the toothpaste industry..Health Question & Answer

It works to a point, If you have cracks in the enamel of your teeth, nothing will help but a filling.. See what your dentist says.. Health Question & Answer

my teeth are super sensitive to cold and it helped me but i dunno about hot and sourHealth Question & Answer

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