When can I use mouthwash after a tooth extraction?!

Question: When can I use mouthwash after a tooth extraction.?
I had to have a tooth out last Thursday - a molar - very painful. The socket was plugged with some gel stuff and I had a bit of gauze between my teeth for the first 24 hours. After than, I have been rinsing my mouth with warm salt water a few times a day and cleaning my other teeth as normal. The problem is that it is difficult to clean the teeth around the extraction site, which still feels sore. I don't want to aggravate it either by brushing. Could I use Corsodyl, my normal brand of mouthwash.? Or does anyone have any further recommendations please.?Health Question & Answer

I had all my wisdom teeth pulled and never used mouth wash because it has alcohol in it and can dry your socket and you will have dry socket which hurts very badly I did brush my teeth though just not around the area I honestly wouldn't use it I got a dry socket in one of them and it was horrible my jaw locked closed and was in sever pain. If you really want to clean around the area get the brush ups the litlte things you put on your finger and use it around the teeth where the open wound is Health Question & Answer

You should brush it, but be gentle, don't stab at it or poke it. You don't want to destroy the blood clot that is forming. I wouldn't use mouthwash, but that is because you don't want to spit. Don't force it out of your mouth. That too can dislodge the blood clot and get you into a painful dry socket situation. Health Question & Answer

No mouthwash at all for the first three days, and then only very gently. Don't swish in that area at all. Don't even brush vigorously or you could loosen the clot. That would be painful. Don't worry if you can't brush it well for a day or two. You'll be back there soon. Be gentle. Health Question & Answer

You should probably wait till it's healed before using mouthwash and brush carefully. Keep using the salt water as that will help fight any infections. Make sure when you do use mouthwash that it doesn't contain alcohol as that will *really* sting. Hope you feel better soon :)Health Question & Answer

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