Why do i need to wear rubber bands with my braces?!

Question: Why do i need to wear rubber bands with my braces.?
about a year ago i got braces, 6 months later they put the things in the top of my mouth to the rubber bands.

to be completely honest i havn't wore them at all lol, the dentist says i have "cross-bite" whatever that is, i just started to wear them this month, but whenever i eat my teeth hurt even more. is that normal.?

why do i even need rubber bands.? and when im eating and if one pops off, could i finish eating then put one back on or put it on immeditatly. my dentist said if i keep them off for a short period in time they will go back in place, true.?

how long do you think ill have to wear them.?Health Question & Answer

The rubber bands are to close the spaces in your teeth and correct your bite. Your teeth hurt when you wear them because you are moving your teeth which causes discomfort and pain. When they say short time, it's when you leave them off for an hour, so a few minutes is definitely okay!! If I were you, I'd wear them, because then you will get your braces off faster!!Health Question & Answer

i 've worn these for about 6 months. an over bite is when your top teeth stick out alot further than your bottom ones. an under bite is the opposite. im guessing cross bite is when both stick out.? (i had an overbite). anyway, take them out when you eat or brush your teeth. then quickly put them back on. you have to wear them for about 3-6 months. here's a little trick-i used to put 2 rubber bands on each side while i was asleep. this moved my teeth twice as fast!Health Question & Answer

you should definitely wear them
they're a pain in the butt
i've had them
but once i started actually wearing them my dentist said i could my braces off a lot sooner
and in the beginings when it's first fixed ti'll probably move back
but after a month or so they u could probably keep them off
you know dentist like to be a bit dramaticHealth Question & Answer

Rubberbands are to fix your cross bite. You aren't supposed to be eating with them in, that's why their so easy to be popped off. Just try to continue to wear them...It'll be worth it. Health Question & Answer

the rubberband is putting an extra force on your tooth. the tightening of the wire for your braces aren't enough. you're undermining your own treatment. put your rubberbands on.Health Question & Answer

What she said, and you shouldn't be wearing the rubber bands when you eat or brush your teeth.Health Question & Answer

To keep your lips from getting cut on the metalHealth Question & Answer

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