Can you be allergic to toothpaste?!

Question: Can you be allergic to toothpaste.?
i have started using bicarbonate of soda toothpaste and the inside of my cheeks have stared to feel weird...cant really explain sensation-dry and weird!! and my front teeth seem to be more sensitive than normal i dont know if its just a coincidence,and also does sensodyne toothpaste actually work.?
i used bicarb toothpaste before years ago with no problems but have had 3 kids since( i know that can mess with your bodys ph and stuff)Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure about allergic, but my dentist recommended that I use a baking soda toothpaste - but forewarned me that it may exfoliate the inside of my mouth. It's so rough that it actually can make your cheeks, gums and inner lips peel and give your a sensation of dryness. It is harmless however.
If the toothpaste contains peroxide - that can be what's making your teeth more sensitive.
Try sensodyne whitening toothpaste. It will whiten, and take care of the sensitivity. the taste is, uh, to get used to, though (I'm being polite!).Health Question & Answer

There are loads of chemicals in toothpaste which most people are fine with but some do get allergic reactions, which could be what's happening to you. One of the most common additives is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - it's a foaming agent and has been known to cause mouth ulcers. You can get SLS-free toothpastes in health food shops.

Another thing it could be is the abrasive quality of the bicarb - great for getting your teeth clean but it could also be effectively 'scrubbing' the sensitive inside of your mouth. Try Sensodyne - it works brilliantly for sensitive teeth - and you can get a whitening one, so you still get lovely sparkly teeth.Health Question & Answer

YES! you can be ...I just found out that I'm allergic to my hair dye after months of a hideous allerigic reaction! I would suggest you go to the doctors and get a referral to a allergist they can do a patch test on you. Or you could stop using the product and start using an organic tooth paste in its place....Since having my unknown allergy I've been investigating all the ingredients in all the products i use...The amount of chemicals (harmful) is truly alarming! hope this helps...good luck!Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure if that's an allergic reaction or something else but something is clearly having some sort of effect on you. It may be the bicarb or it may be some other ingredient. Stop using it and swap to a different brand.

And yes, sensodyne does work very well. My brother and myself have both used it with good results.Health Question & Answer

Human beings are weird creatures. You can be potentially allergic to just about anything that can come into contact with your skin or be taken into your mouth.

Yeah, sensodyne toothpaste works. I switched to it when I had some tooth woes, and it made a difference to regular toothpaste. Doesn't taste as nice though.:-)Health Question & Answer

It's probably the soda in it. Try switching to a different toothpaste. And yes, the sensitive toothpastes work great. You can use one of the cheaper brands like Colgate and get the same results. I would try a paste without baking soda. Health Question & Answer

Hard to tell if you allergic or not, but if you are not happy, definately change. Sensodyne does work. I have an older friend that swears by it. Luckily I don't have any dental issues so I just use plain old Colgate.Health Question & Answer

if people can be alergic to water you can be allegic to tooth paste
try using sensodyne
cut out sugars Health Question & Answer

Yes you can be allergic to toothpaste...and just about anything else!
Sensodyne works extremely well.Health Question & Answer

people can be allergic to basically anything....or your body may just need to adjust to it again.Health Question & Answer

YO use butta on yo teeth fo dat perfec smile!Health Question & Answer

Is it a fluoride toothpaste.? Everyone is allergic to fluoride toothpaste at some level...fluoride is more toxic than lead, hence the poison warning on the container.

SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) is another common allergen in toothpastes. SLS was originally created as an engine de-greaser and is now used in toothpastes, shampoos, etc. as a foaming agent. It has been linked to allergies, drastically slows the production of eye proteins (hello shampoo, conditioner, eye liner, eye shadow, etc) and, of particular interest regarding toothpaste, seems to trigger cold sores.

Doesn't matter if you spit it out because the oral mucosa lining of the mouth has a 90% absorption rate...better than injections.

Four choices of natural toothpaste at the above site. Soda and non-soda based. I like the PLUS because it has more essential oils and seems stronger. But most people like the ULTRA because it has a texture more similar to what most people are used to.Health Question & Answer

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