does a dentist's needle hurt?!


In the right hands, the dentist mirror hurts.

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sry it does
no trust me i have 10 fillings
It depends on your tolerance of needles, I have no problem with needles its just a quick pinch to me.
yaa it does
Not gonna lie..yes. depends on your threshold of pain.They usually put some numbing agents on your gums before they inject.
no. my dentist puts numbing stuff on a cotton ball and then injects the needle.

Don't let people scare you. The worst part is anticipating!
the needle doesn't feel a thing!
The gum, it hurts
I've never gotten a cavity but I had novicane once when they pulled out my wisdom teeth and it hurt a lot but I'm super scared of needles. I've never ever gotten surgery and I'm grateful cause I'm a scaredy cat.
It's just a little pinch
Not to me it stings but if you just cry of everything then it migth to you. It will help, because usually they give you 2 of them but the 2nd one you can barley real because the other one puts your mouth to sleep. It depends on what are you doing to your mouth.
They usually put something on to numb it first, so it's just a little pinch- no big deal.
it's a sharp stick and then it gets numb
Sometimes. But you'll get used to it. I had it done. I just watched the TV behind the dentist and I couldnt feel it.
Hell yeah for a second then the Novocaine kick in and its all good.
Is the pope catholic?
it is pain that only lasts a second, so it doesn't really hurt. if you know you are getting one, the dentist usually says "just a quick pinch" just so you are prepared, but it doesnt hurt.
have you seen one? that is the worst thing about seeing a dentist, when they stab you with the needle! It HURTS a lot! When it is all over your mouth doesn't usually hurt just the spot that they jab you with that thing
No not just feels like a tiny pinching sensation. It's not that bad. If your worried about it ask your dentist for some laughing gas so you won't really know what's going on. Hope that helps ya some.
It depends, sometimes my dentist is real gentle and its a pinch then other times it goes to the core. No matter, its quick and you are soon numb and you will feel better once the work is completed.
NO. As long as before you get the shot the dentist buts some special fluid (usually with a bit of cotton) which numbs the place where you will get the shot.Then you don't feel a thing!
its uncomfortable, but trust me, if you go in there and your mouth is already hurting, you wont care because in a few mins it will be numb
I've never found it particularly enjoyable, but there are things that hurt a lot worse. Most dentists seem to anesthetize the area before an injection, so it doesn't hurt as much. It's mostly just uncomfortable while receiving the shot, but once it's over, it's no big deal.
Yeah . they do hurt a bit.
It's not really THAT bad - but it's not enjoyable.

Just tell your dentist you're nervous, never had a shot in the mouth before, and ask him to talk to you as he's working and letting you know what to expect as he works.

You'll do fine!
yes it does hurt if you think it does. pain is all in the mind. but medically speaking, it should'nt be that bad because i think they'll apply some balm to make your gums feel numb. good luck with the dentist and remember. an apple a day keeps the dentist away!
It depends on what part of the gum the needle is injected into. Most of the time a doctor will put numbing gel on before they insert the needle so you dont really feel it though.
Well I will not lie to you. Its not going to feel like say a nice massage, but it is going to hurt alot less then a full blown tooth ache. Rotting teeth cause pain right at the nerve and nothing will sotp it. I had a tooth ache so bad once that it made me sick to my stomech. I crawled into the emergancy room and was begging them to pull the tooth. The needle you feel for a miniute of so then it gose away.
Most shots at the dentist don't hurt much if at all. They first numb your gum with a dermic anesthetic (a cream). So, by the time they give you a shot; you really don't feel much of anything.

The exception is related to gum grafting surgery. In this case, the oral surgeon has to give you a couple of shots in the ceiling of your palate. Given that there is not much flesh or room up there, you are going to feel these shots somewhat. It feels like a pretty good prick or cut up there. But, it is a very short uncomfortable experience.

Thank god for shots. If not modern dentistry would not exist. We would all have rotten teethes, gums, etc.
nah, I've had bee/wasp stings hurt a whole lot worse. first you get a numbing shot, i honestly do not like going to the denist, but the shots are not anything to worry about.

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