How long does it take after a person starves themselves for their brain to start to?!

Question: How long does it take after a person starves themselves for their brain to start to.?
get eaten away and also their insides tooHealth Question & Answer

your brain cells are fairly stable.. when to starve your body starts consuming its stored resources pretty quick fat is being burnt after a few hours.. after about 18-24 hours you will start to loose muscle then after 20-28 days (maybe 30 on the outside) your body starts on you organs.. must people who die of starvation die when there liver,kidneys,pancreas shut down and you body poisons its self.. tough way to dieHealth Question & Answer

ok, well- that doesn't happen.. people rarely die from starvation, they die from dehydration first- if they are just stopping eating and drinking that is...... but what you are asking doesn't make sense and does not happen.. your brain doesn't get eaten away, nor do your insides..Health Question & Answer

It really depends.. It can take one day or longer.. It probably will happen at some point.. It is a mental illness where your body rejects food so you might find yourself involuntarily throwing up after eating.. Whatever you do don't start.. Health Question & Answer

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