Can you die from not pooping?!


If you get a bowel obstruction it can cause a rupture in your intestine which can in turn cause sepsis or essentially your poop can poison your blood, and left untreated it can kill you.

Other Answers:
yes you could get very sick
Yes you will blow up like a giant crap balloon, then bust all over yer grannies kitchen.
i guess
Can you survive from not eating?
yes. waste will collect inside your colon causing an infection - making it swell up and causeing internal bleeding leading you to death.
Yes. If you are impacted, go to ER.
Yes, it is called Bowel obstruction and requires surgery if not caught it time because you can become septic.
eventually I suppose you could but it would be painful
absolutly. In fact some people get what is called an obstructed bowel. It is life threating if not treated properly. Poop will continue to get backed up and in the end your small intestines will explode, causing bleeding, feces all over your vital organs, and then because you have crap just roasting in your body, infection will set in and you will die.
I don't know if you can die or not, but I am sure that you can wish you were dead!!!
Yes have you heard a Queen died once from not pooping or maybe it was consipation? I don't know?! But yes!! They recon you crap yourself before you die!
yes.............................. will make you small intestant explode then you die fro infection because you have doodoo sitting in you.........

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