Can being overweight cause short breath?!


well yes as all that weight puts a strain on the heart not to mention all the other organs but shortness of breath can also be due to other things so see your dr

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helllllllllllllll yeaaaaaaaaa
yes it can, cause your bod isnt used to working that hard.
Yup. One has to work harder to move more weight around, pure and simple - and if you work up a sweat, you'll also wind up mildly to seriously out of breath.
yeah, i get that at times.
Yes, the extra weight strains on the heart and lungs and makes you be more short of breath.
YEP, and right now i want you to go and measure how much sugar is in one can of soda.2/3 cup sugar..go go on go measure.
yes, compresses lungs
well yea depending how overwweight u are
you betcha.
Heck yes.
Definitely, all of that weight is a major strain on the heart and organs.
Yes if the person is excessively overweight but they should see their doctor because it could be much more serious than just a weight problem.
yes, it can cause u 2 become exhausted faster, causing your lungs 2 work overtime
life experiences
yes. the heavier you are, the worse breathing can get because the 'fat' pushes up on the lungs and restricts breathing. it's bad for the heart which causes the heart to work harder, having to force more blood through your body.. the heart needs oxygen.. if you're lungs don't have the oxygen they need, then they have to work harder . I'm a big guy but have been trying to loose weight. you can do it. you'll breath much easier too and you'll start to notice it when you begin to loose weight. good luck!
Yes something call pickwickian syndrome. The major health problem that occurs in patients with this disease is sleep apnea. This is caused in part by the excess amounts of fatty tissue surrounding the chest muscles. This excess fat places a strain on the heart, lungs, and diaphragm of the patient, making it difficult to breathe.
Absolutely it can. I went on one of those speed date nights and one of the men was so overweight, when he came to sit at my table - which was about six feet from his last table - he was breathing so heavily, I thought he was going to die right there in the chair.

Can you imagine what sex would do to the poor man?
The oxygen you inhale has to oxygenate all your blood. Every pound of fat you have needs more blood vesicles/blood to support it. You do the math-- same lung capacity, more blood to oxygenate.
Being overweight can cause may health issues and concerns that in turn may cause Shortness of Breath. It is important to see your Doctor right away.
There are several test that he/she may have to run to get a good diagnosis of your problem. If your shortness of Breath increases with activity or mobility it is a good idea not to wait. It may just be your Blood pressure is too high or many other things. A Doctor needs to see you.
yes, but other things cause shortness of breath also,certain diseases,smoking and obesity would of course being unfit in general.
Yes. The fat pushes on the diaphragm (the breathing muscle under the lungs on the upper abdomin.)

Also the main reason that the fat are out of breath is that they do not get any aerobic exercise. If they did, they would improve the ability of their heart and lungs to pump blood and deliver oxygen to the body.
The heart is a muscle and needs regular exercise to keep it working properly. Fat people do not exersize the heart muscle.
So any type of movement at all causes them to be out of breath.
Even an overweight person should be exercising on a daily basis. An exersize bike with a backrest is perfect for an overweight person. Get the heartrate up a bit and keep it there every day and it will improve the shortness of breath dramatically.
When people are overweight they often have weak and unhealthy hearts, because of this their bodies have a hard time producing oxygen.

So if you are overweight you will have short breath, your body has a hard time achieving oxygen so you get tired more quickly and cannot do things that are physically demanding for long periods of time.

If you feel that you have short breath, it is probably because you are overweight.

Be sure to exercise, I know that you have heard this a million times.and now you are going to hear it a million and one, exercise strengthens the heart and helps prevent effects such as short breath, heart attack and stroke. Taking care of your body is crucial, be sure you do it!
yes it can ,i was 350 then i lost 130 pounds and i can tell the difference now
Being overwight can cause alot of health problems along with shortness of breath
Yes it can but you also might want to see if you have asthma.
yes, your heart can only take so much!

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