I'm always tired and never have any energy.What could be the problem?!

Question: I'm always tired and never have any energy.What could be the problem.?
Don't smoke,but drink every now and then.Health Question & Answer

It could be that your are not getting enough exercise, and not eating healthy energy giving foods, like nuts, berries, green leafy veggies, like spinach. It is very good cooked either fresh, or eaten like lettuce in a salad. A good healthy diet and getting enough exercise is what gives you energy. also drinking more water, and less coffee, soda, beer or whatever. Juice is good, and some vItamin waters are good, but you have to watch the sugar content. Fried foods are not recommended except in moderation, and should be fried in a low fat oil. Don't use canola oil though. It is synthetic and not good for you. It may also help to eat 6 small meals a day as opposed to 3 larger ones. It keeps your blood sugar on an even keel.

If you don't start feeling better, go to your Dr. for a checkup as you may have something else going on that can sap your energy. If you are already health conscious and eat right, exercise, and feel this way, then definitely make an appointment with your Dr. There are many things that can cause chronic fatigue, like anemia, (low blood count), or diabetes, heart disease, Hypothyroidism, and other things. Health Question & Answer

Many medical problems cite "tiredness" as a symptom. One is depression.

My advice: do something to produce endorphins, like exercise or make love. Endorphins make you happy and give you energy.

Sometimes you are just in a funk and have to work through it.

If you are truly concerned you should see a physician.Health Question & Answer

Start taking zinc pills and try masturbating less (Im not kidding..masturbation causes fatigue and causes men to lose zinc so try to cut back if you are doing it alot). 90% of the time, when a man is fatigued and hes younger than 40...its from zinc deficiency/too much masturbation. Like the others said, there is plenty of things it could be, but the odds are more in favor of it being a zinc deficiency. If a man is under the age of 40 and experiencing fatigue, it can be anything...but 4 out of 5 times its a zinc defiency. Get some zinc supplements and some multi vitamins and start taking them everyday. In 2 weeks, if you still have fatigue, then go see a doctor, but if you want to save money on the office visits, try this first..Most doctors know this but would rather prescribe you all kinds of medications you dont really need to get you to return to them each time because if they tell you its zinc, you wont need them anymore and they wont make money.

edit: Because of all the doubters who think I made this up or think Im joking who gave me thumbs down:

Zinc Deficiency = Fatigue
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Masturbation = Fatigue
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Masturbation = Zinc Deficiency
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Do you have problems sleeping.? You might want to get a sleep study if you do. Get enough sleep to where you wake up for work naturally like you would on the weekend.

Try taking vitamins and making sure you diet is providing your body with proper energy.


Manage your time.

Find ways to become less stressed!

Health Question & Answer

Well, it could be something simple like not getting enough sleep in general. Or a poor diet/ lack of exercise.

Or you could be like me and be anemic.
Yay, low iron and taking vitamins every day for the rest of my life.Health Question & Answer

Diet.? Have you been eating alot of veggies and fruit.? If not, that would help and also exercise. Lack of exercise will make you tired. also, it seems weird but it's true that if you sleep too much it will make you more tired.Health Question & Answer

We have no idea what your life or health is so how can we tell you.

If you're concerned do so research about how you should be eating, sleeping, and exercising. Go to a doctor.Health Question & Answer

Dehydration and under eating can cause fatigue. Most people don't drink enough water.Health Question & Answer

ask your doctor. if you do not act now, you can get something serious!Health Question & Answer

It could be that you're working too much, or you're not eating enough healthy foods.

Health Question & Answer

There could be a multitude of things...but have you ever had your iron tested.? You could be anemic. Health Question & Answer

'sounds like you are a mom with small children.

How about getting a complete physical.?Health Question & Answer

You could be anemic or have diabetes. See a Dr.Health Question & Answer

see a doctorHealth Question & Answer

sounds like stress but if not u might want to take a vitiman that dont help see DOCHealth Question & Answer

Sounds like you need Iron. Iron deficiency anemia sometimes causes these symptoms.Health Question & Answer

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