How often is it safe to take dulcolax?!

Question: How often is it safe to take dulcolax.?
i suffer from chronic constipation,i wondered how often its safe to take dulcolax.Health Question & Answer

There are several different ways that Bisacodyl (Dulcolax) can be administered (orally, rectal enema, and rectal suppository). I'm assuming you are taking the oral form of the drug.

For adults (anyone over 12yrs old) the recommended dosages are between 5-15mg, with a maximum of 30mg/day. The amount you take each day should depend on the level of your constipation.

**Prolonged use or overdose, however, may result in electrolyte imbalances, persistent diarrhea, vomitting, muscle cramping, etc...

It is important that you talk to your doctor whenever you have questions regarding medications. In the meantime, make sure increase your fluid intake, exercise, and try eating a high fiber diet.Health Question & Answer

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