What happens when a suicidal person get admitted involuntarily into the Psychiatric Ward?!


What happens when a suicidal person get admitted involuntarily into the Psychiatric Ward?

What was the experience like? What happened? How long do they hold you there? If you attempt suicide while in the hospital and failed, what will happen to you. Can they treat you against your will? Can they hold you for a long time?

Sorry for so many questions. I really want to know.

Answers: I've been suicidal a lot, and attempted suicide a few times, and I wasn't usually in the hospital beyond the 72 hour hold (which DOES NOT include weekends and holidays). They can treat you against your will, but in most states, cannot give you neuroleptic drugs (antipsychotics) such as zyprexa, thorazine, geodon, etc or ECT without your consent. If you are clearly incompetent, or it is a true emergency, they can do those things, but mostly they have to pursue that in court. Even then you can fill out a psychiatric advance directive and refuse that treatment, but most people do not make one of those up. Antidepressants or anticonvulsants are not restricted by law, the only way to refuse is to be competent, or to refuse them in an advanced directive, or to have a person with durable power of attorney for health care refuse them.

Most times if you are very severely suicidal, if you can't control your behavior even in the hospital (can't "contract for safety") there will be a staff person following you around all the time including into the bathroom (really bad if you were ever sexually abused). If you are very suicidal, but you promise you will not hurt yourself, you will have more frequent checks, like every 15 minutes.

Usually, people stay on voluntarily if they still really need help, and most people stay in the hospital only a week or so, maybe 10 days. If you are very severely ill and can't get better, they may move you to a more long-term hospital, and that can be voluntary, or involuntary thru the courts, which is a commitment. A commitment has similar legal ramifications as a felony conviction with not nearly the legal protections that criminals get, so they don't like to do that. Source(s):
I'm bipolar, been in the hospital a lot. are you suicidal? The quacks will only drug you up with poisons (anti depressants) then screw you over and hand you a huge bill. You will be left with very serious side effects from the drugs including suicidal thoughts. So what's the point????

DON'T TRUST QUACK SHRINKS THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS!!!! If they really think that you are suicidal they can keep you for as long as they think you're suicidal. If someone else has said that you're suicidal and you aren't giving any indications of suicide they can only hold you for 72 hours. If while in the hospital you make a suicide attempt and thankfully fail they will admit you for treatment how long that takes depends on you and what the underlying problem is. I've known people to be in the hospital for as short a time as two weeks and as long as two years depending on what the diagnoses is and whether they were willing to work in therapy to change things. I was in the ward one time and it was okay. I was thankful, because I knew that I was getting the help I needed. I think if you attempt suicide in the hospital they have to keep you for at least 72 hours, not sure though. It depends on how your medication starts to work. I was out in a couple of day, because my medication really took effect fast. While you are there you will bond with the other people. You will find that they are not crazy, just hurting and need help. You can become an encouragement for someone. They also have therapy times, craft classes and other activities to keep you busy. If you need to go in do not be afraid. I NEVER talk about this prefer to take it to the grave ..which is not happening tomrrow..I will tell you one thing I was in ward 3 times..My aunt is one who turned me in..I was raped at 15 and tried to commit sucide and I over dosed the 2 time and was locked in room with no mattress and one sheet..they took the sheet since..tried to commit sucide..and 3 time..over dosed again too..by 17 I was in Juvinelle for runaway..OMG..I had rough childhood..I was dignosed with PDSD..I left that lifestyle and tired to be pain free..but than fell into love..and loved a man..who later betrayed me..and got a kid..now 22 and hard working mother..I could afford 3 kids if I wanted..but Have not found right man..my past came back to haunt me and feel into depression mode again..so taking Lexpro..I can not bare to tell my boyfriend about my fuckedn up past history..he thinks i;m crazy than he will think real insane LOL..which not..there is a purpose to live life? oh and everytime I went back ppl said welcome back LOL..to me it sucked bad..still afraid small spaces for real..****.. This is what has to happen before you get admitted. A loved one has to deem that you are a danger to yourself and/or others. Then they can get you baker-acted, which is where your rights are temporarily taken away from you and they can get you admitted into a mental-health center. There they will attempt to stabilize you. They will monitor you and most likely give you medications until the baker-act time period runs out, which is 72 hours. Then they have to let you go, unless you admit yourself. I know this because my family has had to have my mother baker-acted a few times because she's a schizophrenic. I've heard it's not too pleasant. They hold you there until they feel you are not a danger to yourself. This might be weeks, months or even years in some cases. OK, you are specifically writing about suicide and being committed so this is what I know. A 5150 can be placed on a person . They are held to be further evaluated by mental health professionals. Usually it is two or three days max. The psych doctor decides what is best for the person.... if then doctor thinks the person needs to be hospitalized she can and then it is 90 days . The person is sent to a mental hospital for further treatment, or is released with follow up care. This does not just have to be on suicide attempts. It can be on any mental problem.
The police are the ones who issue the 5150, and typically they are called in the Emergency Room from the ER staff.

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