I Want To Put A Gun To My Head?!

Question: I Want To Put A Gun To My Head.?
I've had it, the one girl I care about doesn't want anything to do with me, my parents don't believe I'm depressed after I've told them over and over, and my friends never talk to me unless they have problems or want something, I'm tired of it, give me a good reason why I shouldn't kill myself, other than Jesus loves me and remember the last time you was happy, cause it was too long ago. :(Health Question & Answer

For one, you will get another( chick!)Believe me I know what lost love feels like!It sucks! and tell your friends to shut the **** up if they have nothing postive to say! ****! my friends do the same ****! dam like they the only one with problems! and if your parents don't believe you get there dam attention! (Start acting like a fuckin monkey!) you will get what you need then. Basically,life goes on! one day you want even know that chick name! while you layin on the beach with a model or just a fine chick! ya know! be easy! And put the dam gun down! Health Question & Answer

Well your parents are being completely, utterly irresponsible. I have a cousin who killed himself because of the same damn thing with his parents not believing him when he said he was depressed. Remember that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, and that it can make the difference between being able to get through a difficult situation and totally crumbling under one. You shouldn't kill yourself because even though you feel terrible and hopeless now, one day you'll be able to get yourself out of your situation, move away from your parents, find another girlfriend, make new friends who actually care about you, and actually enjoy your life. In the meantime you should talk to a school counselor or an adult you trust about it, and seek psychiatric help to get yourself on a medication that helps with the depression (oddly, they're not always antidepressants, meds are not one-size-fits-all and everybody's different). Remind yourself that your depression is real and it's not under your control, but that you do have control over what you do about it, and putting a gun to your head would be a complete waste.Health Question & Answer

dont do it i know times are hard now but you can do it just put the gun down why dont you try to find new friends and for the parents thing im guessing your still in school if you know you have symptoms dont hold them back at school someones bound to notice please dont kill yourself you have so much to offer to everyone its just the people your around are just conceited and ignorant you are way more important then them and for your girlfriend thing i know it hurts but your to good for her please dont kill yourselfHealth Question & Answer

Well you do whether you believe it or not have friends that care about you. And that every life is truly precious. Why not just wait a little bit longer.? You never know something good may happen tomorrow. Be assured that although it may not seem like it to you now. There are people that will miss you. And that there are good things ahead for you. You never will know though if you let the dark side of life take control. So please just don't do it and learn to value yourself as a decent human being. Health Question & Answer

My friends do the same thing to me but, I have been where you are a lot. You shouldn't kill yourself because what problem are you solving other than that you don't have to deal with anything. Suicide is the most selfish way to die, if that girl doesn't want anything to do with you she will realize what she missed and every day of her life she will wonder what if.? Do you really want to have her feel that way.? Email me if you need anything. <3Health Question & Answer

Reason: You can change things.
Really. Just decide you don't want it to be this way anymore. Then make a list of what you do want. What would make you happy.? Pick something small first. Then bigger. Figure out a plan from that.
As far as the girl is concerned if she feels like that then she is not the person you thought she was. That's a hard lesson to learn. My grandfather used to remind me "There is more than one seashell on the seashore".
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Well, first of all the reason that you shouldn't kill yourself is because Jesus does love you more than you will ever know. also the beautiful soul mate that god dose have for you wont get to ever share what god would want you to to share. If you believe or trust god in anyway ,or shape. then trust in his word and his will, that he will bring you through this storm. and you have to know that god does have a master plan for you and your life with someone very special to share it with. The devil knows this as well, so of course he wants you out of this world so you can receive gods wonderful life for you.God bless you and trust god with all your heart. And he will turn your heart around.

if you need to talk to anyone please feel free to contact me at
alizsataeomic@hotmaill.comHealth Question & Answer

If Jesus doesn't want you to, I'd say don't do it.

That's always a good reason.
Most problems always seem horrible, and you think suicide is the only way out, but if you wait, things will get better and trust me, you'll look back and say I'm glad I didn't do that.

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well one is cuz no girl or guy is worth your life even tho u feel like die'n inside doesnt mean go n kill ur self ur prob a teenager right .? ur horomones are running wild , u need to listen to better in time by leona lewis download it

trust me i kno ive been there i ended with the one am with now i love him he loves me ..... It's gonna hurt when it heals too It'll all get better in time Health Question & Answer

Prove to everyone in your life that you can deal with these issues and still be successful in life and that you can deal with these issues. Thats basically why I didn't do anything. but definitely try to see a doctor because they help way more than trying to do it on your ownHealth Question & Answer

Don't do it.
Go and seek professional help (As hard at it may be)
Find someone to speak to outside the family & find a family member whom you trust and able to lean on.
I am depressed I know its hard speak to your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Somebody needs you.Health Question & Answer

Jesus rapes monkeys..

Stress less put a flower in ur rifle and take a pill hahahaHealth Question & Answer

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