what are blue balls? my boyfriend told me i gave them to him. is it contagious?!


nope. Is the feeling of pain in the testicles when the guy gets aroused and he doesn't ejaculate. Is because of blood congestion in the testicles. Don´t worry, he will survive!

Other Answers:
it's when you don't have sex with a guy, they say they get blue balls. i wonder, do they really turn blue? did you look at them and were they blue? as far as i know, this is an "imaginary condition" so it is not contagious.

all that means honey is you are really turning him on ---and then not givivg him any "blue balls" is when a man is ready to ejaculate but the semen is held in because the stimulation has stopped.the pain comes from the constriction of the muscles in the ball sack.i dont know anything else lolol

Is he wearing wet blue-dyed jeans? It might be the dye. No, I don't think it's contagious.

The above answer is correct and yes, they do turn blue (because there is increased blood flow to that region, so they get a blue tint).

It's not contagious.

Don't let him pressure you to do anything that you don't want to do. Guys try to moan about how much it hurts, etc., and how you did this to him by not having sex with him. This is just a ploy to try to make you feel guilty. He can get over it.

he is telling you that you are a kokteaser,
you get him hot but wont let him ************you

Oh my gosh no there not contagious. This is something guys say to get what they want..You wouldn't really happen to be blonde. JK don't get mad. you just teased him and he didnt get to get off and it makes his ball hurt. he probably deserved it anyway!

Blue Balls is a colloquial term used by guys when they become sexually aroused, almost to the point of orgasm and ejaculation, but they do not have a satisfactory release.

It is a term used by guys when they become horny around a girl or maybe are involved in kissing or foreplay and want to progress further. If the girl refuses to have sex, or perform oral sex on the guy, he complains that he has "blue balls" and that he is in pain and needs some release of some sort. He may chide the girl for being a "tease" and allowing him to get worked up without him being able to ***.

While sometimes there is some discomfort to being aroused and not being able to ***, it is rarely painful as guys make it out to be, and it is definitely not contagious. If you are not in the mood (and you sound pretty young anyway), and he complains that you are giving him "blue balls", tell him either a cold shower will cure him or he could masturbate to get relief. Don't let a guy use that as a way to try to pressure you into doing something you do not want to do.

He is looking for something called " your virginity" and all I can say is.kick his ***. Save yourself for someone who would never consider himself before your well being. The next time he mentions his "blue balls" tell him you can kick him there and he'll have something to whine about. It's an infection of the balls caused by too much sin. It's highly contagious!! Don't let him touch you in your precious corner and you'll be fine.



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