Thorn stuck in finger, whats the best way to remove it?!

Question: I recently got a rose thorn in my finger. There is no exposure on the outside so i cant pull it out w/ tweasers. What should i do about this thorn burried in my finger. Will it work its way out?

The amazing thing about the human body is that over time or right away it will push out anything that was'nt normally their. The body will heal it's self! But if you really want it out you could always make a very small insition on your finger, soak up the blood with a towel and pull the thorn out with a pair of tweezers.
When the body has brought the thorn to the surface the thorn itself will puncture the skin from the inside. Don't worry it wont hurt at all because the breaking of the skin will happen ever so gradually. Also a good thing is to crush up an asprin on a spoon with water to make it into a paste and put then put it on your finger until the paste dries out. Then after the thorn should come out. A helpfull remedie that I just dictated to you from my fiance lying in bed. Try it, it'll work. She never steered me wrong before.

Other Answers:
just let it fester, or amputate the finger

you can try an over the counter product called black salve (draw-out salve). You can buy it at any drug store and it apparently will draw something out from under the skin. Two ways that have worked for me:
(1) Place a Band-aid on the thorn, the skin will get soft and thorn should loosen
(2) Place glue (Elmer's) on the area, wait until it dries, then peel off the glue - usually the thorn comes right out.
Good luck!

Go to a doctor and have it professionally removed, or else it will become infected. Or if you're feeling adventurous, cut it out yourself with a sterilized razor blade. On second thought, just go see the doctor. try wetting some tobacco out of a cig and put it on your thorn and put a bandaid over it and it will eventually pop it out

Coat it with clear nail polish; it will make the splinter easier to remove.

your nail grows daily and over time the thorn will work its way out. if it becomes infected then go see your doctor.


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