Can gas get trapped in other parts of the body and cause pain?

Like in the neck or back? What's the best medicine you can take for gas?

Gas in the digestive tract can cause discomfort or pain, but it usually passes (one way or the other) pretty quickly (due to peristalsis). Such sensation, discomfort, or pain is common and usually familiar.

Mostly, gas does not get trapped in other parts of the body.

If you eat a high-fat meal, you may get referred pain in the upper back because of stress on your gall bladder (which is called upon to produce the fat-digesting enzymes). This can also occur with a normal meal if you're having trouble digesting fat for some reason.
Yes it can. I know of no medicine but you could take drink carbonated beverages to help you burp it out.
It does not get trapped but does exert pressure at different places of the body resulting in pain. Best cure to have parched rioce or popcorn that will absorb the acidic material in your stomach.
Have something like Gelusil or milk of magnesia
yes gas can be seen throughout the torso on xray traveling in the chest and putting pressure through to the back.
BUT if you have other symptoms like arm numbness, irregular feeling heartbeat shortness of breath, radiating pain or numbness that travels down the arm, or pain in the neck and jaw along with the chest pain it could be a sign of a bigger problem, possibly coronary related. just have it checked out. Feel better!
Not usually the neck area but some back pain and under your ribs can be caused by gas, usually just in the trunk area. Unless you have had surgery then there is usually some bubbles left in that area but your body will absorb and dismiss them. Gas X or a few prescriptions one, but gas can be a symptom of bigger problems, like liver problems. If it is really bad you should go to your doctor.
No, gas cannot get trapped in the neck or back. Gas is created in the gastrointestinal tract. It's made of complex tubing. There is no way that gas can come out of your stomach and get trapped in your back made out of muscle and bone. If you have gas however, It can cause you to experience pain elsewhere, or it may feel like the pain is coming from somewhere else. I would suggest any gas-x medication. Check your local pharmacy and ask.
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