contact lense moves when I blink? and cloudy?

Ive been wearing lenses for the past 11 years. But for the past couple of months whenever I put them in, after a couple wears the left one starts moving with my eye when I blink, and my vision is cloudy even when I clean them or put in the rewetting drops. I've changed lenses and it still happens. Havent changed brands though...but have been using this brand for a year without problems. What makes them move when you blink? And what causes the cloudiness?

I would suggest going without them for a few weeks. Contact lenses (both soft and hard) tend to become cloudy and move around when your eyes are dry, tired, or after long use. Let your eyes "replenish" themselves and after a few weeks try wearing them again. Other then that, you could be inserting them wrong/inside out. It is also possible that your eyes have changed. You might want to get refitted for contacts. Try my suggestions and if the problem continues ask your eye care professional.
go see your optomologist..
This happens to me when I put them in inside out. Try flipping them inside out the other way. When you hold it up, it should be perfectly round on the bottom and not curve up sharply. I hope that makes sense.
im not sure how old you are but check with your doctor.. maybe you have high blood sugar or something along those lines. maybe you just need new contacts.. but you should look into it. good luck!
It sounds like you've already tried changing the lenses and cleaning them so it could be a problem with your eyes. See your optomitrist for an exam.
Cloudiness (protein from tear ducts)

Moving when you blink (the diameter of your pupil is not exactly fit for your contact lens), and you need to keep on lubricating those.

Try the toric and soft extended lens.
maibe you just got a bad set of contacts , if you havent changed them yet thenn im not sure you could ask the eye docter Good Luck
its possible that they may not be the right size for your eyes.. if they accidentally gave you a lens that was too small for the curvature of your eye, it would not sit on your eye correctly causing distortion, and if it sat off your eye far enough it may come into contact with your eyelid when blinking
Take proper care of the lenses. Sometimes, even recommended contact lens solutions do not stop bacterial and fungal growth on soft lenses. So if you are feeling uncomfortable wearing the lenses, contact a doctor immediately.More details and information at
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