Do singed eyelashes grow back? Cut them or Natural growth better?!

Question: I recently had a friend of act like a douchebag and decide to light a lighter in front of my face. It singed my left top and bottom eyelashes and as a result they are bleached and a little curly. That is, the ends are white and dry and pretty noticable.

I was wondering if I should cut off the white ends, or let them be... Will the singed ends fall off and look normal at some point?

Thanks for your help!!

they'll grow back. just trim them enough to get the burned hair cut, and they'll grow back within the month. i've been zapped by a few lighter flashover's a few times also. in the meantime, kick yer ''friend''s azz for coming down with a case of subcranial rectal inversion.
Just leave them alone and they should grow back normally within a couple of weeks. Relax, they grow fast.
Use a thin comb for spacer and then run a razor over the comb/eye lashes. They will grow back. Be careful.
I have been the victim of sudden flare ups like you described. Your eyelashes and eyebrows will grow back. Just leave them alone and wash your face as you normally do. The scrubbing will remove the singed, brittle ends. Might want to think about who your friends are, too.
Rub mineral oil on your eyelashes while they replace themselves. It will be a couple of months, but they will grow back.
If the are noticable enough that it bothers you, you can trim them a little but dont worry they will grow back in a few weeks. In the meantime stay away from open flames.
no do not cut them

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