Does the use of mouthwash affect your tastebuds?!

Question: Does the use of mouthwash damage or harm your tastebuds? I know that your sense of taste is 'linked' with your sense of smell? I was wondering some of these mouthwashes have some pretty heavy chemicals in them, and logically you would think that it would accelerate a loss of taste in people? Considering people may hold this stuff in their mouths for 2-5 minutes, maybe more each time?

What do you think?

First off, mouthwash is only supposed to be used for 30seconds. Even if tastebuds were killed or damaged by mouthwash, they are regenerated regularly, so taste would not be affected. This is why after you burn your tongue you have difficulty tasting for awhile, but it comes back. Also, your tongue only percieves things like sweet, bitter, salty, etc. Most of what we percieve as taste is really due to the smell, which is why little kids pinch their noses when they eat their vegetables.

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